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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 1 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark


P1010001.jpg (29058 bytes)

The Thiel room was big and well... sounded like Thiel, nice and big. Lots to see and hear as long as you liked silver.

P1010002.jpg (26419 bytes)

The Thiel front end featuring Theta and BAT.

P1010003.jpg (23459 bytes)

Ah.... the Chad Man, Mr. Kassem of Acoustic Sounds. Lots to buy!

P1010004.jpg (29675 bytes)

FIM was displaying a new PLC that no doubt is quite interesting.

P1010005.jpg (34329 bytes) displayed some really cool titles that were NOT typical of audiophile material. That is, Carol and I found much to buy! Part of Classic Records to boot!

P1010007.jpg (18759 bytes)

The Ayre Acoustics room (along with Cardas and Avalon) sounded very nice. Big and dynamic with that Ayre sense of  "smoothness."

P1010008.jpg (22756 bytes)

P1010009.jpg (19790 bytes)

Ah... analog via the Clear Audio Champion Level 2 table, with a Graham 2.2 arm and Benz cartridge.

P1010010.jpg (15390 bytes)

The new Ayre P-5x phono stage - $2350!

P1010011.jpg (19488 bytes)

Mr. Ayre himself - Charles Hansen.

P1010012.jpg (17386 bytes)

Kirk and Donna Bodinet of SOTA! Wonderful people and killer tables too!

P1010014.jpg (23235 bytes)

Inside the VTL amps.

P1010015.jpg (21239 bytes)

VTL and Wilson with a big and robust sound.

P1010016.jpg (25278 bytes)

A SOTA table spinning music in the VTL room.

P1010018.jpg (21052 bytes)

Jed Hacker and Michael Holton of Soundstring.

P1010019.jpg (23987 bytes)

The Soundstring room sounded quite good with Herron Audio.

P1010021.jpg (19423 bytes)

May Audio with Gradient speakers and Roksan electronics and sources. Nice sound that was not the bit least fatiguing.

P1010022.jpg (15106 bytes)

P1010023.jpg (25147 bytes)

Two gorgeous tables from Roksan!

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