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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 2 of many to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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P1010123.jpg (23504 bytes)

Kondo Audio Note of Japan. Not the best display, but nice to see at CES!

P1010125.jpg (23350 bytes)

PBN showing their electronics and speakers.

P1010129.jpg (18686 bytes)

The Argento Audio cabling and Vitus electronics with some rather large Sound Labs sounding big and tall. Hear-through and transparent as all get out! The Vitus stuff is really gorgeous.

P1010130.jpg (20938 bytes)

The Vitus SM-100 amplifiers ($45,000)!

P1010132.jpg (15293 bytes)

The new Gallo Reference III sounded rather, well... not what I expected at all. I expected a much bigger speaker as one sees in the literature and found the Reference to be a bit smaller in stature. even so, they sounded big and musical. Real killer product that should put Gallo over the top!

P1010127.jpg (26037 bytes)

The Reference III at $2599 standing a little over 3 feet tall.

P1010133.jpg (26050 bytes)

A snake infestation of cables in the Gallo room.

P1010135.jpg (24680 bytes)

Brian Ackerman of Artistic Audio with a very musical Ensemble system.

P1010136.jpg (12966 bytes)

The new Ensemble CD player—pushing the enveople in terms of design and price ($10K).

P1010137.jpg (23460 bytes)

Cool carbon-fiber CD "mat" for the Ensemble CD player.

P1010138.jpg (20128 bytes)

Urs Wagner of Ensemble as a proud papa.

P1010140.jpg (30779 bytes)

The Herron room sounded like it usually has in the past—really wonderful. Keith always seems to pull it altogether and has a very musical and relaxing room. The Alons were found in many a good room as well—gee I wonder if there is a connection here?

P1010141.jpg (23558 bytes)

The new Herron preamplifier. Really sweet!

P1010142.jpg (16027 bytes)

A big VPI spinning vinyl.

P1010143.jpg (26026 bytes)

The Herron preamplifier in black and below, with the tubes! The preamplifier comes either as in your choice—solid state or vacuum.

P1010144.jpg (33830 bytes)

P1010145.jpg (25186 bytes)

Keith Herron himself.

P1010146.jpg (21267 bytes)

Leif Olofsson of Marten Design—what a nice guy too! Get the right spelling Carol!

P1010147.jpg (21162 bytes)

The E.A.R. and Marten Design room with the new Coltrane Altos ($22,000/pair) sounded fast and clean with a much bigger and robust sound than one would expect from a three-way speaker. Cabling is from Jorma Design ($6500 for speakers and $2500 for interconnects—which is pushing the price barrier a bit!). Also in residence was the Power Wing from World Power and plenty of Shakti Hallographs to address room issues.

P1010052.jpg (23266 bytes)

Jorma Koski of Jorma Design

P1010054.jpg (29085 bytes)

The speaker cables with the secret module—can you say Bybee?

P1010149.jpg (22487 bytes)

The new E.A.R. 834T integrated amplifier that features a tube input, but a transistor output ($3595).

P1010150.jpg (23600 bytes)

The Origin Live Sovereign table with a Koetsu Rosewood cartridge.

P1010151.jpg (18258 bytes)

Bubble sound from Kentech. Really neat sounding surround from one speaker for well under $200!

P1010152.jpg (20478 bytes)

Another Kentech speaker, coming soon to a Radio Shack near you. Killer sound for a gamers!


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