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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 4 of a few more to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark


P1010104.jpg (22273 bytes)

The Musical Surroundings room was awash with tables from Clearaudio. Pictured here is the Master Reference at $17,500.

P1010105.jpg (25500 bytes)

The Master Solution at $11,000.

P1010106.jpg (22564 bytes)

The Matrix record cleaner at $3000.

P1010107.jpg (22888 bytes)

Clearaudio's own line of electronics, with the same fit'n'finish of their tables. A really gorgeous look!

P1010109.jpg (18052 bytes)

Another view of the record cleaner.

P1010108.jpg (22825 bytes)

The Musical Surrounding's system...

P1010110.jpg (30403 bytes)

Ah, the long overdue phono stage from Aesthetix. Someday, my ship will come in... "Now what reviewer still has the unit?"

P1010112.jpg (24382 bytes)

Von Schweikert showed their new VR-4jr speakers ($3995) with Spectron amplification. Sounded like any other VS speaker we have heard at shows—really good! Shown is Paul Garner doing the "Safety Dance."

P1010113.jpg (19813 bytes)

A VR-4jr all by its' lonesome.

P1010115.jpg (24712 bytes)

Chapter Electronics (out of England) showed their line (really gorgeous stuff too!) with the ubiquitous Talons—which seemed to be in at least 4 rooms at CES! Along for the rise was HRS showing a WAY more upscale version of their Harmonic Recovery System. Nice sound, but the speakers could have been more out into the room.

P1010117.jpg (26627 bytes)

The Music Hall room showed off their new integrated and SACD/CD player with Spendors and, naturally, their own line of tables. Great sound as usual from the always entertaining Roy Hall.

P1010124.jpg (25896 bytes)

The new Music Hall class-A Mambo integrated at $1300. Amazing quality for the money. From the looks should retail for 2-3 times the price. Good work Roy!

P1010119.jpg (20144 bytes)

The MMF-7 at $1199.

P1010120.jpg (20082 bytes)

The MMF-9 at $1699.

P1010121.jpg (27171 bytes)

The Shanling STP integrated at $1750.

P1010122.jpg (27325 bytes)

The Shanling SCD-T200 at $2595.

P1010123.jpg (20338 bytes)

Hey, Roy, thanks for the good times and scotch!

P1010126.jpg (15679 bytes)

Innersound showed their "system" approach (electronics and speakers) and the sound was very nice and seamless/coherent. Great musicality as well. Use of a World Power Wing to address AC problems.

P1010128.jpg (19480 bytes)

The Golden sound room showed enormous speakers (side mid/tweeter towers,to the inside the woofer towers, and with a center channel. The surrounds were out of the shot) with Machina Dynamica's stands and platforms. Big, BIG sound that did  not overpower the room. Really!

P1010129.jpg (25113 bytes)

The Uniwave Anaco 2 stereo digital amplifier.

P1010131.jpg (17119 bytes)

A bottle of Brilliant Pebbles (several were placed in the room) were used to address room issues.

P1010132.jpg (16578 bytes)

Ming T. Chen and Percy Deng.

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