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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 5 with no more to come!
by Dave and Carol Clark


P1010006.jpg (16125 bytes)

Virtual Dynamics showed with Broken Lamp Amp (hidden behind the signs between the speakers as the new casework was not ready in time for CES) and Marten Designs. Great sound.

P1010007.jpg (34739 bytes)

Virtual Dynamics cables are not the "most relaxed," but they do sound rather good!

P1010009.jpg (19030 bytes)

Ancient Audio Tube amplifiers looking rather new and pretty!

P1010010.jpg (18752 bytes)

Resolution Audio's CD player and Oskar Heil loudspeakers along with Sahuaro cables sounded musical and present.

P1010012.jpg (25597 bytes)

The Duevel and Klimo system from was producing a wide and room filling sound-field that was quite captivating in terms of space and overall musicality.

P1010014.jpg (21980 bytes)

Fanfare International showed JM Reynaud, ASR, Acoustic Zen, and Lector that would bring a smile to Bob Niell's face. Sounded very musical with a nice sense of ease or "rightness" to the presentation. Was difficult to sit and give a listen though, as the room was filled with friends and/or the manufacturers, so seating was limited.

P1010016.jpg (19969 bytes)

The other Fanfare room showed Lector, Ayon, Pearl, ASR, Acoustic Dreams, and V.Y.G.E.R. to good effect. Again Acoustic Zen held things together.

P1010020.jpg (22454 bytes)

Jim Aud of Purist Audio showed with Atma-Sphere and Gilmore Audio. The room was quiet at the time (9AM), but the silence was one of the better we heard! Just kidding, Jim is a good guy and deserves much success! Purist has introduced a new line of less-expensive cables that offer much of the more pricey one's in his line. Hope tog et a listen in the near future... Jim?

P1010019.jpg (17804 bytes)

Orpheus Laboratories showed with Wilson Benesch. Looked great, but wasn't not playing when we entered and time constraints kept us from coming back.

P1010021.jpg (18086 bytes)

The Edge room sounded REALLY good with their electronics driving the new speakers from Epiphany Audio. These are the smaller model (the 6-6 are $8900) that was very big sounding. Fast and clean, with amazing articulation.

P1010022.jpg (17396 bytes)

Deborah and Tom Maker of Edge in front of the middle Epiphanies, the 12s, at $14,990.

P1010023.jpg (21364 bytes)

Steve Norber of Edge with the tallest Epiphanies and subs (2 18" drives per!). The room supported such a big speaker/sub combo with no problem. Killer sound and was as "edge-free" and dynamic as all get out! No hint of multiple drivers—very coherent and seamless, and not that expensive at $26,900 when compared to those at $40K! Appears to have solved the issues that line-source speakers unlike Pipe Dreams which never sounded like music.

P1010024.jpg (17785 bytes)

The one of the men behind Epiphany....

P1010025.jpg (14291 bytes)

The new Stillpoints amplifier stand.

P1010026.jpg (28478 bytes)

The Stillpoints rack coming in at a pricey $4100! Looked gorgeous though.

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