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Positive Feedback ISSUE 11
january/february 2004


2004 CES "blur" of a show... Part 5!
by Dave and Carol Clark

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The Halcro room had the surround sound system of your dreams and the sound was quite amazing with the right disc. Problem is , would you want all your music to be in surround?

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The rear set-up.

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The Von-Schweikert room at the San Remo had everything they make showing with VAC and Acoustic Zen. Along to make things sound "right" was Quantum's line of AC treatments.

P1010036.jpg (21033 bytes)

Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen, smiling like a proud papa.

P1010032.jpg (24303 bytes)

The new VAC Phi 30/30 ($10,500) looking good!

P1010034.jpg (31956 bytes)

The biggest VR speakers so far, the VR-11SE coming in at a cool $100K, with the VAC Phi 220 mono blocks ($9500 each)!

P1010035.jpg (28192 bytes)

Not your Dad's stereo. Well just the set-up for recording and payback. The real front-end consisted of a VAC Phi 2.0 Master Control preamplifier ($15,000), an Oracle CD2000 transport ($7500), DA2500 dac ($7500), Delphi Mk.V turntable ($5000 without arm or cartridge), and a Graham 2.2 tonearm.

P1010037.jpg (26394 bytes)

Bill Stierhout of Quantum.

P1010038.jpg (29166 bytes)

The Acoustic Dreams Lumen White and Ayon system. Pretty, but silent.

P1010039.jpg (22376 bytes)

Ayon's own speaker sans grill.

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