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Positive Feedback ISSUE 15
september/october 2004


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2004 - A Photo Report, Part 3 (page 2)
by Dave and Carol Clark


Cherry Creek Aduio showed with Theta, Krell, and Magneplanar and actually offered a nice clean sound that was fairly musical. perhaps too much of a speaker for the room, the big Maggies worked their magic anyhow.

The Esoteric UX-1 universal player. Now this is a WAY cool machine.

Electra-Print showed Hammer Dynamic speakers driven by their Electr-Kit amplifiers via an iPod or a VRS system. Now this is really cool. Too bad Danny Kaey was not here as this was only one of several rooms using either an iPod, the VRS system, or a laptop of some make in gettin the music out into the room.

The Electra-Kit amplifiers... funky.... but interesting. Reminds me of the way bigger RedRock units, or the just-about-the-same-size Trumpet from Hagerman.

Odyssey, Symphonic Line, and Van der Hul showed together in a rather simple and understated room. The system though sounded neither while filling the room with a nice sound that was (considering the price) quite attractive ($1500 for the speakers for their Epiphony speakers used here).

Simple and elegant. The Khartago amplifier and Etesian preamplifier used with a Symphonic Line CD player. And they come in lots of cool colors.

The other—across the hall—Odyssey, Symphonic Line, and Van der Hul room used the much larger Lorelei speakers ($2700 a pair). Also good music! Big, fast, and bold.

The Symphonic Line turntable—gee what don't they make?! Very nice in that sort of minimum Teutonic fashion sense.

The Almarro room showed their either Koro-2011A ($1200) or A50125A integrated with their M11A book-shelf speakers.

The A50125A integrated using the 6550 x 8, 12AT7 x 2, 5687 x 2 tubes in a parallel push-pull integrated amplifier with an output  of 125-watts (stereo) or 250-watts (mono-block).

The Koro-2011A using EL84 and ECC83 (12AX7) tubes (10w x 2).

The Hagerman room showed Jim's new "tower" of power system. While the sound was small (the Horn speakers are small after all) the idea is really neat and cool.

At the top you have Cornet phono-stage and under it, the Clarinet line-stage ($995 each).

Right below the the preamplifier stages are the Cymbal monoblocks rated at 8 watts each. The Cymbals use the Russian 6H30 super-tube and run push-pull ($2495 the pair).

Jim has a new speed measuring device aptly named the UFO. The UFO or the Uniform Frequency Orbiter is a combination strobe clamp accessory for your turntable. It provides both a damped, weighted clamping action and a built-in speed strobe. The highly-accurate strobe uses blue LEDs fired at precisely 75Hz. The strobe pattern covers 33.3, 45, and 78 rpm speeds. $45!

The man himself. Jim is another one of the more enthusiastic guys in audio and after a few minutes of hanging with him, you can really appreciate his drive and vision for putting the fun back in audio.

The Galibier Quattro table in the Hagerman room. A thing of spinning beauty.

The Galibier with the Hagerman Trumpet.


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