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Positive Feedback ISSUE 29
january/february 2007


CES - 2007
by Dave and Carol Clark

Page 2, Part 4

Flying Mole CA-S10 integrated amplifier $1999 and CA-S3 integrated amplifier $950.

Marigo Audio modified Panasonic DVD/CD player $850 with four Flying Mole DAD-310 amplifiers $1300 each. They used four for passive bi-amping. Also a Flying Mole PA-S1 preamplifier $1600.

Green Mountain Audio Calypso loudspeakers $9995 pr.

Roy Johnson of Green Mountain audio with his Calypso loudspeakers.

Green Mountain Audio also showed their Callisto loudspeakers $2900 pr and Pico Mideo loudspeakers $6500 pr. Cables used in the room included Marigo Audio, Audio Magic, and Virtual Dynamics.

A Flying Mole amplifier module.

Another Flying Mole amplifier module.

And yet another Flying Mole amplifier module.

Tara Labs The Zero interconnect and the Omega speaker cable.

The Tara Labs display.

Audio Machina's Pure loudspeakers $20,000 pr shown with Audio Aero Prestige monoblock amplifiers.

Audio Machina Pure loudspeakers, Audio Aero Prestige monoblocks with the Prestige CD player.

The Audio Machina Pure loudspeaker. This sounded very good with a "no-box" presentation.

The Audio Aero Prestige monoblock amplifier.

Ypsilon Electronics CDT-100 Transport.

Ypsilon Electronics SET100 hybrid power amplifier.

Ypsilon Electronics from Greece.

Audio Stone with AudioPax Reference 150 loudspeakers $15,000 pr.

The Audio Stone rack with AudioPax model model 55 amplifiers ($23,000 approx) and the Gamut CD1 Mk2 CD player.

The Audio Stone system, cabling by Ecosse.

AV123 Onix A-80 integrated amplifier.

AV123 the new Strata mini loudspeaker $1995 pr.

The Golden Sound room showing their new loudspeakers.

The Golden Sound room with Anaco 2 loudspeakers flanked by the new loudspeaker and Uniwave electronics. There's also an iPod in the system, and lots of tweaks that make it all sound splendid.

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