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In Rotation

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The following is a list of discs that are getting heavy rotation in various writers' systems this month. Watch as other writers list what is spinning in their systems!

In rotation with Dave and Carol Clark


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Ben Neill, Automotive

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DJ Cheb Sabbah, Krishna Lila

Low, Trust


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Claude Chalhoub

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Tabla Beat Science, Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove


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Lambchop, Is a Woman

In rotation with Steve Vasta


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Hans Pfitzner, Der arme Heinrich (opera)

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John Field, Piano Concerto #7

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Massenet, Werther

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Chopin, Etudes

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Grieg/Chopin, Piano Concerti

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Percy Grainger, Vol.1 Orchestral Works


In rotation with Danny Kaey


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Yello, the Essential Mix


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Eagles, Hells Freezes Over

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Jacintha, Here’s to Ben

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Hugh Masekela, Hope

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DJ Stephane Pompounac, Hotel Costes Series, I thru V


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Frank Sinatra, Songs for swinging Lovers

In rotation with Bob Neill


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Will the Circle be Unbroken, Volume III


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John  Pickard, String Quartet

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Roy Buchanan, Sweet Dreams; the Anthology

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Golijov, St. Mark's Passion 

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Marenzio Madrigals, Alessandrini Opus 111


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Jackie McLean, New Soil

In rotation with Ed Morawski


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Lara St John, Bach: The Concerto Album


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Diana Krall, Live in Paris

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Norah Jones, Come Away With Me

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Bond, Shine

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Keiko Matsui, Deep Blue

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Vanessa Mae, Storm