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06-22-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Ellington Indigos, Now on Limited Edition HQ 180, 45 rpm LPs in both Black and Purple Vinyl Versions from Impex Records

Impex Records is well known for their extraordinary reissues of albums that are perhaps underappreciated, but nonetheless quintessential. Their latest is Duke Ellington's seminal 1958 session, Ellington Indigos, which Impex has just taken to the next level with a new 65th anniversary, 45 rpm two-LP edition. A relatively neglected jewel in Duke Ellington's catalog of... Read More »

06-20-2024 | By Gary Lea

Elton John, "Friends" a Highly Upgraded Reissue

Elton John and Bernie Taupin, "Friends" 50th Anniversary Edition. The Original Soundtrack Recording. Paramount 3555744. Pinky Vinyl Edition. Sourced new from eBay. $26 For those who look at the title Friends you should know this is definitely not the soundtrack of the famous and still wildly popular sitcom. This album is the soundtrack for a... Read More »

06-20-2024 | By John Hughes

A Visit to the Audio Café in Beverly Hills to Hear the Clarisys Studio Plus Speakers

Ron Resnick shows off his pride and joy, The Clarisys Studio Plus Speakers. As I was snaking my car up the ribbon of road leading high up in the Beverly Hills, I thought about my history with ribbon speakers. I had been invited by Ron Resnick to experience the listening room which comprises his new... Read More »

06-18-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

David Bowie: Rock 'N' Roll Star! from Rhino Entertainment

David Bowie: Rock 'N' Roll Star! is a new box set from Rhino Entertainment that chronicles the iconic star's journey from the formulative beginnings of the Ziggy Stardust era through its conclusion. The heavy box contains a plethora of wonders, not the least of which are the contents of the 5 CDs and the BluRay... Read More »

06-16-2024 | By Francisco Duran

THE Show 2024 - A Quick Impression

To quote an old colloquialism, "I haven't been to an audio show in a minute." I have stayed away from them for various reasons the main one being Covid-19. But time marches on, and the lure of high-end audio is well… very alluring. I finally stuck my toe back in the water for the THE... Read More »

06-16-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

John Lee Hooker's Rare LP Burning Hell Launches Craft Recordings and Acoustic Sounds' Bluesville Series Reboot

Craft Recordings is partnering again with Acoustic Sounds for a reboot of the classic Bluesville Series. The LPs will be pressed by Acoustic Sounds' Quality Record Pressing (QRP) on 180 gram vinyl; Craft is already collaborating with QRP on their Contemporary jazz reissue series. And those LPs have been excellent so far, so there's no... Read More »

06-16-2024 | By Rushton Paul

Notes on Recent Finds, No. 23 - More from HDTT

High Definition Tape Transfers continues on its roll of great releases. Just recently I wrote about HDTT's superb reissue of Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section (HERE). Now we have the famous Fritz Reiner recording of Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, and The Weavers Reunion At Carnegie Hall, and Ella and Basie!, and much more. Bartók Concerto... Read More »

06-13-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Rhino's New Quadio Bundle on High Resolution Blu-ray Audio

Rhino Entertainment has just released the latest four titles in their excellent Quadio Series, which features BluRay audio with a high resolution version each album's original quadraphonic mix, along with high resolution stereo tracks. The four albums chosen for this release include Donny Hathaway's Extension of a Man (1973, Atco Records), Hot Tuna's Burgers (1972,... Read More »

06-13-2024 | By Robert Pincus

The London Chuck Berry Sessions

As one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, Chuck Berry (1926-2017) receives a ton of well-deserved respect as a musical innovator. Berry, along with Buddy Holly, was the first to define the image of the electric guitar-slinging rock star. However, despite his well-deserved status, the 1972 album, The London Chuck Berry Sessions (Chess... Read More »

06-10-2024 | By John Hughes

THE Show 2024: Aperion Audio Comes in on a High Note

This would be the first time I've seen Aperion Audio at a show, and they were first on my list to visit. I wanted to meet the Millennial team behind this fast-growing company that makes a high value range of stereo and home theater speakers and Class A/B amplifiers. Collin Lybarger, the general manager, was... Read More »

06-09-2024 | By John Hughes

THE Show Orange County 2024 : MC Audiotech and Shimmer Audiophile are Pure SoCal Sunshine

  I found Mark Conti of MC Audiotech and Robert Sears of Shimmer Audiophile setting up their gear in a large conference room at T.H.E. Show on a Thursday night in preparation for a long weekend of demos. Though they were working the kinks out of the system, the sound was already gelling, and I... Read More »

06-05-2024 | By Greg Weaver

New from the audio analyst©, Part 3 – Virtual High End Munich – And You Thought AXPONA 2024 was Big!

While AXPONA represents the largest hi-fi show in the US, High End Munich, held each May at Munich's monstrous Order Center, is the largest, most well-attended audio show on planet Earth! With the first of my episodes from this year's event, episode 175, I've included a virtual walk from the stairway in front of the... Read More »

06-04-2024 | By Greg Weaver

New from the audio analyst©, Part 2 - What’s Causing the Stir in Affordable Audio Gear Today?

David W. Robinson and Greg Weaver:  Audio buds from way-back! Long Valley, NJ, 2023. (photograph by Bill Parish) I make no excuses for being able to listen to my music daily on a synergistic two-channel audio system that I've assembled over the decades, one that costs more than three times what I paid for my... Read More »

06-04-2024 | By Greg Weaver

New from the audio analyst©, Part 1: Virtual AXPONA 2024

New from the audio analyst© for re-publication in Positive Feedback – Virtual AXPONA 2024 If you've never been to an audio show, especially one as large and comprehensive as the foremost, most successful show in the continental US, AXPONA, which is an acronym made from Audio eXPO NOrth America, held annually at the Renaissance Schaumburg... Read More »

06-04-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Classic Hard Bop from Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane Highlights the Latest Installment of Craft Recordings' OJC Reboot

Craft Recordings' release schedule rolls along in the second group of reissue titles for 2024 in their Original Jazz Classics (OJC) franchise reboot, featuring their latest, 1963's Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane on Prestige Records' New Jazz imprint. Guitarist Kenny Burrell and saxophonist John Coltrane are co-leaders on the hard bop session, which showcases one... Read More »

06-04-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Rhino's High Fidelity Premium Vinyl Series Continues with Classic Albums from Black Sabbath and Devo

The Rhino High Fidelity Premium Vinyl Series continues with the release of two new titles for the current quarter. At the outset of the series, each quarterly release featured one rock title and one jazz title, but thankfully, they've recently altered their release pattern. The last two quarterly releases featured a pair of rock albums... Read More »

06-03-2024 | By Jeff Day

Audio Note (UK) Tomei 211 SET Integrated Amplifier and M3 RIAA Phono Preamplifier: The Third Realm!

I've been pondering how best to write up this article about my listening experiences with the Audio Note (UK) Tomei 211 single-ended-triode (SET) integrated amplifier, and M3 RIAA phono preamplifier, for a while now. I'll start by saying the Tomei 211 integrated amplifier (left) and M3 RIAA phono preamplifier (right) are easily the highest performing... Read More »

06-03-2024 | By Roger Skoff

Market Research

For a change, Roger Skoff wants to ask your opinion instead of just telling you his… I'm old, and quite possibly out of it, so what I see going on in our hobby may very well be completely wrong. I hope it is. I became a HiFi Crazy (as we kids used to call ourselves),... Read More »

05-30-2024 | By Michael Mercer

Mogwai, Young Team (Remastered)

Mogwai, Young Team (Remastered) We knew we were in for something shiny and new back in 1997 when Mogwai dropped Young Team. It wasn't because their sound was entirely new. Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Yo La Tengo dropped their noise rock years before Team, but it wasn't until Mogwai hit the scene... Read More »

05-30-2024 | By Robert S. Youman

The New IMPEX Patricia Barber Companion 1Step - A Majestic Testament And Tribute To A Wonderful Chicago Tradition

Throughout my teenage and adult years in the Chicago area, I had the great fortune to experience some of the biggest and brightest of all the rock, blues and jazz superstars as they passed through The Windy City. The venues included some amazing large settings like Soldier Field, The International Amphitheatre, The United Center, The... Read More »

05-29-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

David Bowie's Diamond Dogs: 50th Anniversary Edition on Half Speed Mastered 180 gram LP from Rhino

Rhino Entertainment is celebrating the 50th anniversary of David Bowie's classic album Diamond Dogs with a pair of limited edition LP reissues. Which is being offered with choices of a 180 gram black vinyl LP or an exceptionally cool picture disc version that also includes a fold-out poster. My review copy of Diamond Dogs 50th... Read More »

05-25-2024 | By Robert Pincus

The Talbot Brothers Bermuda Calypso Party Volume 3

For most audiophiles the word "calypso" conjures up one musical artist, and that person is Harry Belafonte. Belafonte was a 50's era phenomenon whose popularity bled into the 60s. His brand of beefed-up and polished calypso was essentially the closest thing to rock and roll for people who couldn’t embrace something as "dangerous" as Elvis... Read More »

05-24-2024 | By Norman Varney

Critical Thinking in Audio (or the lack thereof)

The world is full of false information. At the same time, we are frequently to be blamed for not doing our due diligence to verify information. As audiophiles, we are in constant pursuit of improving the performance, and therefore the enjoyment of our playback systems. It seems however, that many audiophiles pursue this goal while... Read More »

05-22-2024 | By Michael Mercer

Murals for Immersion

Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman, Murals for Immersion I'm not convinced that any words of mine could so aptly describe this record as its title manages to do: Murals for Immersion. And because of this, I feel morally obliged to perhaps break the online literary book of laws, and also begin this music review... Read More »

05-21-2024 | By John Hughes

AXPONA 2024: ampsandsound Brought the Funk, the Bump and Stuck the Landing

Justin Weber of ampsandsound takes a break. 300B amps aren't known for their ability to party hard. More often than not you hear about their sweetness, lucidity, and warm conveyance of Big Tone. But the ampandsound kit, powered by their flagship 300B amp, the Black Pearl, had hip bones fully engaged. The Yellowstone preamp is... Read More »

05-14-2024 | By Juan C. Ayllon

Magnificent But a TAD Expensive? Maybe, Maybe Not as AXPONA Delivers Dream Audio!

SCHAUMBURG, IL—Twenty-six years ago, aspiring studio tech and entrepreneur, David Malekpour, launched his Pro Audio Design, Inc. (initially under the banner, Anything Audio, he re-named it in 1993), with Augspurger Monitors that employed Technical Audio Devices (TAD) drivers and components simply because "they were the best." TAD have been tops for years, he says, and... Read More »

05-14-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Joni Mitchell, The Asylum Years (1972-1975) on Rhino Quadio High Resolution Blu-ray

Rhino Entertainment has just released the Quadio/Blu-ray box set for Joni Mitchell's The Asylum Years (1972-1975) Quadio, which covers her first four catalog albums for David Geffen's then fledgling label, Asylum Records. This next installment of her Joni Mitchell Archives series includes the albums For the Roses (1972), Court and Spark (1974), the live album... Read More »

05-07-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Tony Rice's Classic Album Church Street Blues, Now on 180 gram LP from Craft Recordings

Craft Recordings has announced their reissue of Church Street Blues, the seminal 1983 album from bluegrass icon and journeyman guitarist and vocalist Tony Rice. Among the hundreds of recordings Rice participated in over a career that spanned fifty years, Church Street Blues is widely considered to be among his finest efforts, and has been out... Read More »

05-07-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Craft Recordings' Excellent OJC LP Reboot Continues with The Red Garland Trio's Groovy

Craft Recordings has announced the second group of reissue titles for 2024 in their Original Jazz Classics (OJC) franchise reboot, featuring four albums whose release dates range across the period from 1956 to 1960. The new reissues include the classic 1956 Prestige label debut from The New Miles Davis Quintet, Miles; Davis' longtime pianist, Red... Read More »

05-05-2024 | By Robert Pincus

Just Listen

Just Listen (Columbia Special Products CSS 1337) is an LP that I discovered in 1986. It was released by Columbia Special Products in 1970, as a promotional item for Magnavox. Like most of the CBS Special Products LPs, it's a stereophonic various-artists compilation. The musical selections are by Percy Faith, Ray Conniff, Dave Brubeck, Andre... Read More »

05-05-2024 | By Rushton Paul

Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section - new Pure DSD256 Transfer from HDTT

Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section, with Red Garland, Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones, HDTT 1957 2024 (Pure DSD256) HERE This is such a great album, it is wonderful to now have it in my digital music library in the best quality sound. My standard for this album has always been the excellent 45rpm vinyl... Read More »

05-04-2024 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions:  AXPONA 2024, Part the First…Show Overview & Photo-Essay

Ye Olde Editor, AXPONA 2024 (photograph by Bill Parish; image processing by David W. Robinson) Another year, another trip around the Sun, another AXPONA. Apart from the COVID years, I have been attending AXPONA since Mark Freed first invited me personally to do so in late 2014. 2015 was my first show. So, I've been... Read More »

05-03-2024 | By Roger Skoff

How Can It Do That?

Roger Skoff answers a question that many audiophiles have, but never ask... On one of the audiophile groups on Facebook a few days ago, I saw a question from one of the group's members that I had wrestled with, myself, many years ago, when I first got into our hobby. Here it is: I'm very... Read More »

05-02-2024 | By John Hughes

AXPONA 2024: Swan Song Audio's Technorama

Some of the most fun to be had at AXPONA was discovering fresh new ideas and technology. Never have I ever encountered a complete 3D printed horn system (with bass cabinets), or software algorithm-controlled tube equipment. Yet, this is exactly what Tony Crocker of Swan Song Audio delivered and more. Who is Tony and Swan Song... Read More »

05-01-2024 | By Stephen Francis Vasta

Schubert Quartets

Schubert, Quartets 15, 8. Takács Quartet. Hyperion CDA 68423 (CD). TT: 77.48 Schubert's harmonic innovations are broadly recognized. But, as these quartets show, he had a keen rhythmic and structural imagination as well. The Fifteenth Quartet is large-framed, with a twenty-minute first movement; after an imposing "dotted" introduction, a syncopated motif enters, becoming a sort of quirky... Read More »

05-01-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Deep Purple's Machine Head: Super Deluxe Edition from Rhino

Deep Purple's Machine Head: Super Deluxe Edition (SDE) has just been remixed, remastered, and re-released in a gorgeous new multi-disc edition that includes media choices to accommodate listeners from all corners. It's also being billed as a 50th anniversary release, though technically it comes a couple of years late for that to be completely accurate—no... Read More »

05-01-2024 | By Editors at Positive Feedback

Adventures at the Far End of Reality

This article by Roger S. Gordon originally ran in Issue 8, August/September 2003, so while we call this section "New Old Stock - Articles from Our Days in Print" you are also going to see some articles from our early days of going online. Random surfing on the Web can produce interesting results. It was... Read More »

04-25-2024 | By John Hughes

AXPONA 2024: Manley Labs Preaches a Vinyl Gospel

Manley Labs has always kept its feet planted in two lands. Known for keeping the tube faith on the Pro side of audio—their mic preamps and processors are legendarily for their natural detail, color, and overall juiciness. They are used at many of the best studios and mastering houses. They also make some of the... Read More »

04-21-2024 | By Rushton Paul

Reiner's Performance of Pines of Rome and Fountains of Rome from HDTT

Turn up the volume and prepare for sumptuous sonics from one of the great performances in the catalog. This new transfer from High Definition Tape Transfers is terrific. It is now my personal standard for what this great RCA Living Stereo recording can sound like. Respighi Pines of Rome & Fountains of Rome, Fritz Reiner,... Read More »

04-20-2024 | By Wojciech Pacuła

Carbide Audio Carbide Base Anti-Vibration Feet

Carbide Audio is based in the city of Llano located east of Austin, in the mountainous part of Texas. Founded in 2019 by Jeffrey Jenkins, this specialized audio company focuses on anti-vibration feet. It makes almost all the components for them in-house, using CNC machines, measurements and listening. We test its top-of-the-line Carbide Base Diamond... Read More »

03-30-2024 | By David W. Robinson

Impressions: The Pacific Audio Fest 2023, Part the Third & Last

Ye Olde Editor with cigar and match, 2021 (photograph and image processing by John Robinson) Here's the last set of my Audio Oasis! Awards from PAF 2023, together with the final set of photographs. Focal-Naim The Naim-Focal room I'll admit it:  I was very impressed by the Focal-Naim space. Departing from the usual emphasis on... Read More »

01-18-2024 | By Claude Lemaire

Top 500 SuperSonic List - Part 39

This is an ongoing project by Claude Lemaire of Soundevaluations 231. André Hodeir, American Jazzmen Play André Hodeir's Essais. Savoy Records – MG 12104 (mono 1957), 33 1/3 rpm. Genre: cool jazz, third stream. French composer, arranger, violinist, and musicologist André Hodeir had two album releases signed under the Savoy label—this is the first, the other being... Read More »












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Audience frontRow Interconnects and...

06-16-2024 | By John Acton

Of all the elements that make up a high-end audio system, few are embroiled in the kind of controversy that surrounds cables. By and large, audiophiles seem to align with one of three primary belief systems when it comes to... Read More »

Titanium? Taking Turntabling Into...

06-11-2024 | By Juan C. Ayllon

Bicycle photo courtesy of Bossibicycles.com and SR-71 Blackbird photo by USAF Judson Brohmer and Wikimedia Commons Replacing my turntable's stock tonearm with the Titanium-tubed Audio Creative GrooveMaster 3 conjures a... Read More »

Follow-up: Vera-Fi Audio's Swiss...

06-07-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

As I stated in my original review, the primary function of Vera-Fi Audio's Swiss Digital Fuse Box (SDFB) is to remove and replace the weakest link that existed in the device it's connected to. Which in my case was the main... Read More »

Waters on the Hardware: The...

06-01-2024 | By Dean Waters

Dean Waters: portrait with a cigar. SeaTac, WA, Pacific Audio Fest, 2023 For the last few months, I've been listening to and delighting in a pair of AGD Duet monoblock amplifiers. These are the newest addition to the AGD... Read More »

Vera-Fi Audio's Swiss Digital Fuse...

05-23-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

Over my life as an audiophile, I've had three individual instances where I was absolutely certain beyond doubt that the consequences of my actions would in no time send me rocketing down the highway to high-end audio hell.... Read More »

Keces Ebravo Streamer Transport

05-21-2024 | By Dean Seislove

Like a god of destruction and rebirth, the internet streamer obliterates the accumulated dross of the audiophile world with one hand, while bestowing untold musical riches with the other. All at no charge. Dump your tables,... Read More »

Akiko Audio Speaker Improver

05-17-2024 | By Malcolm J. Gomes

Audiophile tweaks; you can either love them or hate them, but if you are a passionate audiophile, they are difficult to ignore. Sure, they can be controversial, and in a few cases, they can even be outright frauds with... Read More »

Tekton Design Perfect SET 15...

05-09-2024 | By Steve Lefkowicz

This review has had probably the longest gestation period of any review I've ever done. I've had the Tekton Perfect SET 15 loudspeakers in my possession for three years already. In fact, I already gave them a Writer's Choice... Read More »

The Elegant HiFi-Home Lifestyle...

05-07-2024 | By Juan C. Ayllon

The PS Audio Aspen FR10 Loudspeakers (photo courtesy of PS Audio) The "P" in PS Audio, a leading manufacturer of high-end stereo equipment, Paul McGowan is renowned for his informative and easy-going newsletters and YouTube... Read More »

IsoAcoustics GAIA III Speaker...

05-03-2024 | By John Zurek

A while back I found myself the new custodian of some excellent prototype speakers. I'd heard the Communique floorstander at several Colorado Audio Society listening sessions and really enjoyed this speaker. Built by MG... Read More »

Waters on the Hardware: The Mola...

05-02-2024 | By Dean Waters

Dean Waters at the Pacific Audio Fest, 2023: a portrait with cigar (photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson) The Tambaqui from Mola Mola represents the finest in high end DACs available for the serious... Read More »

SAE HP2-D Amplifier and MK One...

05-02-2024 | By Gary Lea

Fifty years ago SAE hit the market with its first amplifier, the venerable MK 1. A 60-watt per channel affair that stunned the audio world and received rave reviews by none other than J. Gordon Holt when he stated that under... Read More »

With the New Record Doctor X, Your...

04-20-2024 | By Juan C. Ayllon

As widely noted, for the second year in a row in 2023, vinyl record sales topped compact disc sales in the U.S.—this time by a whopping $43 million, or about six million more than total CD sales last year (popsci.com).... Read More »

Vera-Fi Audio's SnubWay Noise...

04-18-2024 | By Tom Gibbs

I'm constantly on social media, quite often for audio-related purposes. And I'd seen teasers for months highlighting the ongoing development of Vera-Fi Audio's SnubWay Noise Defender, or more simply, SnubWay. The posts... Read More »

Gingko Audio's Cloud22 Isolation...

04-17-2024 | By Francisco Duran

As many years as I have been in this hobby, within the last few I have become more and more intolerant of the exaggerated claims of expensive tweaks by some manufacturers. You can throw wire and cable into this debate, but... Read More »

Waters on the Hardware: Qln...

04-10-2024 | By Dean Waters

Dean Waters at Pacific Audio Fest 2023: a portrait (photograph and image processing by David W. Robinson) The Qln Signature Series, Fifth Generation, front view with magnetically attached grill cover For the last several... Read More »


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