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Positive Feedback ISSUE 39
september/october 2008


RMAF 2008 - Part 2, page 2
by Dave and Carol Clark


Red Rock Audio Renaissance monoblock amplifiers, Wadia 791i CD/SACD player, Artemis Labs phonostage, and from Artemis Labs comes the Schroder turntable.

Red Rock Audio Synergy speakers are still in the works.

Red Rock amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Serious Stereo amplifier. Seriously good too.

Serious Stereo loudspeakers with their amplifiers.

GR Research, Dodd Audio, and Kook Cables.

The Guru QM10 loudspeaker made by Swedish underground legendIngvar Ohm imported by Sjofn HiFi. Also in the room were Supra Cables and Holographic Audio Electronics.

Audio Unlimited with Aesthetix, Clearaudio, Focal, and Pathos.

Montegiro Legno turntable. True eye-candy.

Montegiro Lusso turntable. Way true eye-candy.

Another angle of the Montegiro Lusso turntable.

United Home Audio/Jolida Inc featured a UHA HQ reel to reel tape deck, Aesthetix Calisto Eclipse, Aesthetix Atlas monoblocks, Jolida Music Envoys, and MBL 116 Radialstraler loudspeakers.

SMc Audio VRE-1 preamplifier, and the McCormack Audio UDP-1 Deluxe.

NSR Sonic Research D3 Sonata loudspeakers, with McCormack Audio, Coda, Stealth, Audience, and Osage Audio stands.

Eventus Audio loudspeakers and Audio Analogue electronics.

Peachtree Audio Decco, a 50-watt per channel, hybrid tube integrated amplifier designed to make digital music sound better.

Eficion loudspeakers.

Daedalus Audio Ulysses loudspeakers, Dynamic Design cables, Gill Audio Designs, and Manley electronics.

DH Labs with ACI loudspeakers, Korato electronics, and GIK Acoustics room treatments.

Darren Hovsepian of DH Labs, as always having a good show.

Divergent Technologies with Reference 3A loudspeakers and Antique Sound Labs electronics.

The Reference 3A loudspeakers and Antique Sound Labs used Vovox cables.

GIK Acoustics with Korato amplifiers, DH Labs cables, and ACI loudspeakers.

Avatar Acoustics featured Acoustic System International Tango loudspeakers, AMR, and Current cable.

Dr. Feickert Analogue turntable.

Jaton Corporation's Real loudspeaker on the outside and Lyra loudspeaker on the inside.

Along with the Jaton loudspeakers was Operetta amplifiers. The Real loudspeakers are $6000 a pair.

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