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Positive Feedback ISSUE 56
july/august 2011


The CAS in San Francisco, July 2011
by Dave and Carol Clark


Amarra by Sonic Studio with a Mach2 Music Mac sitting wedged in the Pi Audio 'sandwich'.

The Amarra system with JM Labs speakers.

Napa Acoustics affordable Mini Stereo System, $598.

Napa Acoustics offers a full range of products. The speakers on the outside are part of a system that retails for $2898, and the speakers on the inside are part of a system that retails for $3298.

Philip O'Hanlon with Luke Manley, VTL, and wife Bea Lam.

MIT cables mega-boxes doing what they do wonderfully well.

The Neko Audio D100 DAC.

Chapman T-8 loudspeakers with Parasound amplifiers.

MIT cables

Steven Mejias of Stereophile playing a killer track by Amon Tobin. Nice guy!

Carol with Wesley Miaw of Neko Audio and Christina, also with Neko.

 Cary Audio SLP-05 preamplifier modified to accept WAY bigger tubes... in the Chapman/Neko room.

This system sounded amazing, kudos to Stuart Jones and son Jesse. Musical, great soundstage, deep and powerful bass... the system rocked.

Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems amplifier, a stunning piece of art. We had the pleasure of listening to Dan speak about this gear in a seminar, quite interesting.

Wilson loudspeakers along with the Dan D'Agostino amplifiers.

VooDoo Cables with a large array of products.

Fittingly, in the VooDoo Cables room, all the gear was turned around so one could focus on the cables.

While the gear was turned around, VooDoo was showing their own loudspeaker, a prototype that should be available in a year.

On a Higher Note with the Vivid B1 loudspeaker, and Luxman. 

The Luxman PD-171 turntable with a Brinkmann Pi cartridge. This is Luxmann's first turntable in 28 years!

The theme of the day is blue! Philip O'Hanlon, Arian Jansen, and Carol all wearing blue.

Carol enjoys the sounds while Philip and Arian discuss what the heck just happened!

The Luxman turntable. Classical retro and yet so modernly current.

The rest of the equipment in the room included Transparent cables, and a Sonorous ART10 analogue playback deck.

The Vivid B1 loudspeakers.

MSB Technology also used the Vivid speakers.

Salk Signature Sound, the Soundscape loudspeaker.

Jim Salk, of Salk Signature Sound.

Frank Van Alstine, Audio by Van Alstine.

Another shot of the Salk Soundscape loudspeaker.

Salk and Van Alstine.

Henry Chew, Light Harmonic.

DaVinci 384K USB DAC by Light Harmonic sitting in the 'closed' off position.

Light Harmonic system. When the DAC is turned on, it rotates to this position allowing for the surface to act as a heat sink.

Jack Roberts of Dagogo.

Another shot of the DaVinci 384K USB Dac in the opne 'on' position. Way, WAY cool technology!

The entire system in the Light Harmonic room. Cutting edge technology from two guys who are thinking way ahead of the curve.

Brodmann Acoustics Model FS, Festival Series loudspeakers.

Another shot of Brodmann Acoustics.

Widea Lab.

Gini Systems, Audio Space.

Gini Systems, Audio Space.

Gini Systems, Audio Space.

Audio Engine.

And more Audio Engine. Cool stuff... and so affordable and good that anything they make is a no brainer! Nice guys too! I reviewed this set-up and yeah... very nice!

Sony was actually next to our sleeping room. They never disturbed us in the least.

Sony used Threshold to power their new speakers. A bit too much speaker for the room.

DLS Flatbox on-wall speakers.

DLS Flatbox offerings from Simplifi Distribution.

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