Positive Feedback ISSUE 61
may/june 2012



T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 Page 2


Cake Audio showed Rockport Technologies, Balanced Audio Technology, Nordost, and Brinkmann.

BAT amplifiers.

Audio Artistry Inc with Parts Express and Dayton Audio. Way back....

The Lotus Group featured SMc Audio and Esoteric, Prana cabling, and of course their own loudspeakers. Always wonderful sound from Joe and whomever he is working with!

Hanss Acoustics turntable in the Lotus room.

The computer set-up in the Lotus room...

A bevy of Oyaide items...

Dynamic Design AV with Marten loudspeakers, Modwright Instruments, and Stillpoints... and their own cabling... this room rocked!

Bill Artope and Olu Sonuga of Dynamic Design.

Bob Levi of the LAOCAS with Chuck Bruce (both with Positive Feedback). The Positive Feedback Neoteric Listener, Dean Seislove, not eavesdropping.

Another shot of the Dynamic Design room...

Their cables... really good stuff too!

MIT Cables, Chapman Audio, Cary Audio, and Light Harmonic.

Gavin Fish of Light Harmonic, in full show mode! Come on man... give it to me!

Light Harmonic DAC...

Audio Note UK.

Audio Note UK table... the room was manned by good friend David Cope. We finally met in person and had a few drinks... good time!

One of the marketplaces, May Audio in the foreground. Lots of vinyl to buy...

Food Trucks at T.H.E. Show...Rolling Sushi!

Philip O'Hanlon greets Carol. Hey man... uh... gee!

Audio Revelation/On A Higher Note with Vivid loudspeakers, Audio Aero, Brinkmann, and Luxman.

Another shot of the room... always good sound here.

New Luxman... docking station and more 'modern' line of electronics. Way cool!

Classic Luxman good looks...

Ayon Audio, Legacy Audio, AVM Audio, Raysonic Audio, Audioblock, and  Bassocontinuo.

Ayon rocked...

And more Ayon!

Charles Harrison of Ayon US with Dean discussing his recent review of the AVM products.

Ayon and Lumen White.

Venture loudspeakers. The room featured Weiss as well... a very large room!

HeadRoom had a large table with lots to try!

Serious listening only! Very quiet too!

More HeadRoom.

Another marketplace of music and other audio items...

Centrance, with Michael Mercer.

Michael Mercer of Centrance and Positive Feedback, with Dave Clark and Dean Seislove (also of Positive Feedback!).

Centrance DACmini.

Albert Porter with Michael Goodman, the man behind of Centrance.

The Sony room with naturally, their speakers along with Pass electronics and Kimber cabling.

Kimber Kable.

Mat Weisfeld of VPI with Marjorie Baumert (RMAF) and Wes Bender.

Albert Von Schweikert. Always fun to see Albert!

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