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Positive Feedback ISSUE 7
june/july 2003



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Auroville 15
by Srajan Ebaen

From Clark Johnsen's Diary
by Clark Johnsen

The Real World Audiophile: Essay Number One
by Gary L. Beard

Rave On! Further Notes on the Mighty Meitner DAC6 SACD/CD Converter
by David W. Robinson

Auroville 16
by Srajan Ebaen

LP vs. CD, listening to recent releases
by Tom Campbell

Things to come
by Danny Kaey

The House that Ma Built: A Photo Essay, Part 1—Design, Planning, and the Foundation
by Winston Ma and David W. Robinson

Auroville 17
by Srajan Ebaen

Auroville 18
by Srajan Ebaen



J.M. Reynaud Concorde loudspeakers
as reviewed by Bob Neill

Meadowlark Audio Swift loudspeakers
as reviewed by Larry Cox and Jim Grudzien

Balanced Power Technologies BP-2 Ultra and BP-2.5 Ultra AC units
as reviewed by Franciso Duran

Equi=Tech 1.5Q balanced power AC unit
as reviewed by Danny Kaey, Dave Clark, and Ed Morawski

Bluenote Bellagio, Bellaria, Baldinotti Package: Maurizio's "Statement" Vinyl Front-End
by Auro d'Oro

Herbie's Audio Lab Hal-O Vacuum Tube Dampers
as reviewed by Roger S. Gordon, CPA (with a few brief comments by Dave Clark)

Empirical Audio Grand Slam power cord
as reviewed by Ed Morawski

Ray Samuels Audio HR-2 headphone amplifier
as reviewed by Gary L. Beard and John Brazier

Balanced Power Technologies BP-2 Ultra and BP-2.5 Ultra AC units (follow-up)
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Art Audio Vinyl Reference phono preamplifier
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Signal Cables interconnects and speaker cables
as reviewed by Tom Campbell

LINN Adikt moving magnet cartridge
as reviewed by Victor Chavira

Audio Magic Kukama DAC
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy IS2 interconnect
as reviewed by John Brazier



Rosanne Cash: Rules of Travel
by Tom Campbell

Royal Strings: Arrangements for strings Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Charles Rosekrans
by Steve Vasta

Nigel Kennedy's Greatest Hits
by Steve Vasta

Rachel Podger, Vivaldi's Opus 4, La Stravaganza, CD and Hybrid SACD
by Bob Neill

Amanda McBroom and Lincoln Mayorga, Growing Up in Hollywood Town
by Dave Glackin

In Rotation, Part 1 A bevy of SACDs from David Robinson

by Danny Kaey

Benjamin Britten, Suites for Cello, Pieter Wispelwey, CD and hybrid SACD
by Bob Neill

Francois Couperin's Suites for Viole, 1st and 2nd Concerts, Mieneke van der Velden
by Bob Neill



Positive Feedback Online Interviews: Steve and Janet Nugent of Empirical Audio
by David R. Robinson



Tubes, Turntables, and Tall Speakers: Home Entertainment 2003
by Robert H. Levi

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