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Positive Feedback ISSUE 30
march/april 2007



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Myth, Mirth or Magic? - The Peter Belt 'Snake Oil' Fallacy
by May Belt

by Doug Small

STEALTH Audio Cables - An Unobtainium Experience
by Greg Weaver

Dr. Sardonicus Speaks ...The Good Doctor Previews Some Tasty New Offerings from EMM, VMPS, and Sound Quest

My Audio Experience: The Slim Devices Transporter network music player
by Gary L. Beard

The War... Between Restaurants and Restaurant Critics
by David Rosengarten

The Wild, Wacky World of Walker
by Bruce Walker and David W. Robinson

Calling all fans of SACD - the SACD Petition

From Clark Johnsenís Diaries: More Power to the Music (With Symphonic Peroration)
by Clark Johnsen

Tweaking with Oyaide
by Mark Wagner

From Clark Johnsenís Diaries: A Follow-up on the Memory Player
by Clark Johnsen

The Power to Reproduce Music
by Lawrence C. Smith

The Good Doctor Experiences an Epic, Epistemological Epiphany - A Break on Through to the Other Side

You want it hard or soft ...your isolation that is?
by Mark Wagner




The Marantz CD16: A Strong Upgrade
by Fabio Camorani



Harmonic Technology Battery Pack Four for all Cyberlight interconnects
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Walker Audio Talisman, Ultra-Vivid, and Prelude Record Cleaning System
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Pioneer DV-79AVi Universal Player
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky


Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion Speaker Cables
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Xtreme AV QuickSilver GOLDô Audio and Video Contact Enhancer
as reviewed by John Mazur

Audience adeptResponse
as reviewed by Jim Merod

My Audio Cables A follow-up with the Palladium Sound Pipes interconnects
as reviewed by Tom Campbell

Pioneer S-1EX loudspeakers
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Red Dragon Audio Leviathan amplifiers
as reviewed by Karl Lozier

Ortofon Jubilee cartridge
as reviewed by Larry Cox

ASC Tube Traps
as reviewed by John Acton

Vista Audio i84 integrated amplifier
as reviewed by Akhilesh Bajaj

SP Tech Timepiece 2.1 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Crystal Cable Reference cables
as reviewed by John Brazier

Lector CDP-7T CD player
as reviewed by Rob Moores

mbl 8011AM monoblock amplifiers
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Kubala-Sosna Research the Emotion line of cables
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Tetra 606 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Jim Merod

LA Audio the P-22 amplifiers and C-22 preamplifier
as reviewed by Lester J. Mertz

GamuT L5 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Sangean HDT-1 High-Definition Radio Component Tuner
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

HeadRoom the Desktop Balanced Amplifier
as reviewed by Max Dudious




An Interview with Andrew Jones of Pioneer
by Dave Clark

The following is a series of interviews with various cable manufacturers - expect to see more in the coming weeks, if not months, as we asked over 50 manufacturers to participate.

Eccose - Elliot Davis

Zu - Sean Casey

Prana - Joe Cohen

Audience - John McDonald

Stereovox - Chris Sommovigo

HiDiamond - Salvatore Filippelli

PS Audio - Paul McGowan

Harmonic Technology - Jim Wang

Audio Magic - Jerry Ramsey

Soundstring - Len Miller and Jed Hacker

Silver Circle Audio - David Stanard

Pear Cable - Adam Blake

D.H. Labs - Darren Hovsepian and Terry Rossen




Leslie McClure, The Santiago Set
by John Zurek

David Chesky's Urban Concertos
by Max Dudious

Notes of an Amateur - March, 2007 Part 1
by Bob Neill

Grant Stewart's In the Still of the Night
by Jim Merod

Notes of an Amateur - March, 2007, Part 2
by Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur - March, 2007, Part 3
by Bob Neill

by Steve Francis Vasta

Rachmaninoff and Sibelius
by Karl Lozier

A Night at the Opera - Courtesy of Melba
by Mark Wagner

Glenn Gould Plays Bach: The Goldberg Variations - A Zenph Re-Performance
by Tom Gibbs

Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere
by Oliver Amnuayphol

Orpheus in der Unterwelt
by Karl Lozier

The Plow that Broke the Plains and The River
by Karl Lozier



2007 CES
by Francisco Duran

Music, Sound and Personalities: The 2007 CES and T.H.E. SHOW
by Dave Glackin

AudioKarma Fest 2007
by John Acton





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