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Positive Feedback ISSUE 22
november/december 2005



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



The Mysteries of His System, The Verses in His Life, A Love Story (Part 15)
by Barry Grant

Marantz 10B FM Tuner Compared to Magnum Dynalab MD 108: Tube Rolled!
by Robert H. Levi

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries: Reality Redux, Part the Ducks
by Clark Johnsen

Isoclean Fuses
by Albert Porter

The Higher End: Robinson's Brutus Awards, and the Gizmo Award for 2005
by David W. Robinson

Audio Ramblings - Seasonings?! I don't need no stinking seasonings!
by Dave Clark

The Search for the Ultimate Cartridge
by Roger S. Gordon

HeadRoom's New Micro-Stack: This Year's Xmas Goodies?
by Max Dudious

The Second Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards - for 2005

Computer Driven Audio - Is it Superior to Optical-Based CD Playback?
by Steve Nugent, Empirical Audio

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries: Dateline Dec. 8, 2005 - IT WAS TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY
by Clark Johnsen

Three Stocking Stuffers from Firestone Audio
by Ed Kobesky



Audio Electronic Supply Sixpac amplifiers
as reviewed by Ed Morawski

PS Audio X Stream Power Punch AC Cable
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Rega Planet 2000 CD player
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky

Audiopath Cables Phono 2, 3, and 4 phono cables
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Audience adeptResponse line conditioner
as reviewed by Fown-Ming Tien

TAOC AS Component Rack and Accessories
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

ASC Sound Panels
as reviewed by John Acton

Red Wine Audio Clari-T-Amplifier
as reviewed by Fown-Ming Tien

NuForce Reference 9 amplifiers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi and Ed Morawski

Sound Application Reference LineStage powerline conditioner
as reviewed by Jeff Parks

VPI Scoutmaster turntable
as reviewed by John Zurek

Teresonic Integrum loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Beavers

Eastern Electric M520 integrated and MiniMax phonostage
as reviewed by Fown-Ming Tien

Paradigm Reference Studio 20v3 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Audionet ART V2 CD player
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Fritz Speakers 261 MTM loudspeakers
as reviewed by Mike Peshkin

Interconnect, loudspeaker, and AC cables
as reviewed by John Beavers

SP Technologies Continuum 2.5 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Victor Chavira

Kimber Kable KS 3038, KS 3033, and KS 3035 loudspeaker cables
as reviewed by Karl Lozier

Air Tight ATM-211 amplifiers
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Channel Islands Audio D-200 LGX V Class D amplifiers
as reviewed by Greg Weaver

WorldPower Power Wing
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

ModWright SWL 9.0SE linestage
as reviewed by Mark Katz

Pathos Acoustics Logos integrated
as reviewed by John Brazier

Decware RL3.0 loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Mazur

Almarro M2A loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Acton

SOTA, Cardas, and SME Impressions: The SOTA Millennia Turntable/SME 4.5i Tonearm/Cardas Neutral Reference Phono Cable/Cardas Myrtle Heart MC Cartridge - A Study in Synergy
as reviewed by David Robinson

Sidebar on the Cardas Myrtle Silver Heart
by Rick Gardner



An interview with Max Townshend of Townshend Audio - A Manufacturer's Perspective on Cryogenics
by Dave Clark

An interview with Lee Weiland of Locus Design Group - And another Manufacturer's Perspective on Cryogenics
by Dave Clark



Prairie Wind, Neil Young
by Ed Kobesky

Hi-Res excerpts from our friends at Audiophile Audition, November 2005

Latin Jazz - Christmas Stocking Stuffers
by Victor Chavira

Brahm String Quartets
by Stephen Francis Vasta

Alain Planès' Schubert on Harmonia Mundi
by Bob Neill

Music@Menlo Live: Take Two - 2004 Festival
by Bob Neill

Brahms Sonatas for Cello and Piano, and Six Pieces for Solo Piano - David Finckel and Wu Han
by Bob Neill

Christmas Goodies, Part I
by Bob Neill

Xmas Re-Releases: Some Top-Flight Stuff
by Max Dudious

Hi-Res excerpts from our friends at Audiophile Audition, December 2005

Christmas Goodies, Part 2
by Bob Neill

Dozen Best Classical CDs for 2005
by Bob Neill



Art, Zen and... Turntables: An Interview with Simon Yorke
by Austin Jackson of Boston Audio Design



by Francisco Duran

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest: A Photo Essay, Part 2
by David W. Robinson

Dorsey on Audio: The AES 2005 Show
by Scott Dorsey

Dorsey’s AES 2005 Show Awards
by Scott Dorsey

The Vacuum Valley Audio Expo
by Victor Chavira and Dave Clark

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