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Positive Feedback ISSUE 41
january/february 2009



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Wireworld's Newest: onto something
A review by Max Dudious

Ultra Extended Playing Time SACD - 4 Hours + on a single disc!
by Teresa Goodwin

Do You Believe In Ghosts? Recollections of my friend, John Potis
by Chip Stern

The Neoteric Listener ...Explores the world of a desktop audio system from Focal
by Dean Seislove

Robinson's Highly Belatedóbut Highly IntriguingóBrutus Awards for 2008
by David W. Robinson

A Grand Opening Feast in Florida - and for Dessert, Black Ravioli
by Clark Johnsen

I want my SACD! A Plan of action to make this happen
by Teresa Goodwin

Positive Feedback Online welcomes Michael Mercer

Women in Audio
by Carol Clark

Audio Ramblings - Getting your bang for the buck in these troubling times... the devilsound DAC and the Virtue Two integrated
by Dave Clark

The Neoteric Listener ...Ventures to Vegas for CES and explores the world of Audioengine's A5 loudspeakers
by Dean Seislove

Computer Audio ...10 questions for people in the know
by Dave Clark

Larry Moore and Eric Hider of Ultra Fi Audio Designs
Andreas Koch of Playback Designs
Tony Lauck
Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio
Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio
Jon Reichbach of Sonic Studio/Amarra
Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio
John Stronczer of Bel Canto Designs
Daniel Weiss of Weiss Digital Audio
Vincent Sanders and John Hughes of VRS Audio Solutions
Kent Poon of Design w Sound
Charles Hansen of Ayre Acoustics
Pete Davey of Positive Feedback Online

Al Stiefel, RMAF Cofounder Passes Away
by Jason Victor Serinus

A Desktop System for Everyone... the NuForce Icon integrated and S1 loudspeakers, and then toss in the the  Silverline Minuet loudspeakers to really mix it up
by John Brazier

HeadRoom's "Special" A New Portable Desktop Amplifier
by Max Dudious

FormFloor and FormSub Loudspeakers from Marten Design
by Robert H. Levi

The Neoteric Listener ...listens to NAD's Viso Two and PSB's Imagine T loudspeakers... a perfect match!
by Dean Seislove

Audio Ramblings - the mhdt Havana DAC and the Bel Canto USB Link 24/96... with a few words on the Xavian Mediterranea loudspeakers
by Dave Clark

Pooging The Quad 405: Chicken Salad From Chicken Bleep
by Max Dudious

Real World People... The NAD Viso Two Receiver and the PSB Imagine T Loudspeakers
by Nelson and Sasha Kanno




E.A.R. Disk Master turntable
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Audience Au24-e and powerChord-e cable system
as reviewed by Greg Weaver

Merlin VSM-MXe loudspeakers
as reviewed by Roger S. Gordon



Cathedral Sound Acoustic Panels
as reviewed by Bruce Kinch

Audiomachina Maestro loudspeakers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Xavian Electronics Mediterranea loudspeakers
as reviewed by Mike Wechsberg



Amazing Audio Electric Bamboo Line Purifier and Mystic Power Cables
as reviewed by Adam Goldfine

Red Dragon Audio Leviathan amplifiers
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Lavry Engineering LavryBlack DA 10 DAC
as reviewed by Jeff Day

Ideal Innovations Elite 80+ amplifier
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Grant Fidelity A-534B integrated amplifier
as reviewed by Kent Johnson

av-123 LS-6 Focus line source loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Zurek

Arcam FMJ A-38 integrated amplifier
as reviewed by Jeff Parks

Concert Fidelity CF-080 linestage
as reviewed by Mike Wechsberg

Acculine ASub subwoofer
as reviewed by Larry Cox

April Music Aura Note Music Center
as reviewed by Victor Chavira



Notes of an Amateur - January 2009, Part 1
by Bob Neill

by Stephen Francis Vasta

Wonderful Classical Music Releases from Telarc, PentaTone, and Naxos
as reviewed by Karl Lozier

Notes of an Amateur - January 2009, Part 2
by Bob Neill

More Music
by Roger Gordon

Even More Music
by Mark Wagner

Notes of an Amateur - January 2009, Part 3
by Bob Neill

Sonic Satori - Mat McHugh, Seperatista!
by Michael Mercer

Notes of an Amateur - January 2009, Part 4
by Bob Neill

Organ Odyssey from Reference Recordings
by Robery H. Levi

Notes of an Amateur - February 2009, Part 1
by Bob Neill

Psychedelic Opera
by Albert Grantowski

Bloc Party, Intimacy
by Michael Mercer




Music, Sound and Personalities: The 2008 CES and T.H.E. SHOW, and 2009 Preview
by Dave Glackin

AES 2008
by Scott Dorsey

CES and T.H.E. SHOW - 2009, Part 1
by Dave and Carol Clark

CES and T.H.E. SHOW - 2009, Part 2
by Dave and Carol Clark

CES and T.H.E. SHOW - 2009
by Roger Gordon

Apocalypse for T.H.E. Show, Renaissance for Video, High End Audio Trends and Best Sound at CES NEW
by Clay Swartz and Karen Wong










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