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Positive Feedback ISSUE 19
may/june 2005



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Kennedy On Audio
by Kevin Kennedy

Lynn Olson's 2004 European Triode Festival Presentation
by Lynn Olsen

Notes from an Audio Designer: Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio

The Flat Earthers - Time for a Spring Clean
by Lester J. Mertz



Harmonic Technologies Magic Reference AC power cord
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Empirical Audio the Turbo Modded Perpetual Technologies P3/A DAC
as reviewed by Fown-Ming Tien

Harman Kardon HK3480 receiver
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky

Audience Au24 Cable System
as reviewed by Greg Weaver

Nottingham Space Deck turntable and ACE Space arm as reviewed by Larry Cox

Cary Audio PH-302 phono stage
as reviewed by John Zurek

Sensaphonics ProPhonic 2Xs earphones
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

The Horn Shoppe the Horn loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Mazur

Endler Audio Stepped Attenuators
as reviewed by Fown-Ming Tien

Apogee Digital Mini-DAC
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Sony DVP-NC875V universal player
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky

Musical Fidelity X-150 integrated amplifier
as reviewed by John Acton

Mobile Fidelity OML-2 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Victor Chavira and Francisco Duran

Oritek X-1 interconnects
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Comback's Reimyo CAT-777 preamplifier and PAT-777 amplifier
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi and 2.5Fi Record Cleaners
as reviewed by Bob Neill and AViC Cables two S-video cables
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Sony SS-K70ED loudspeakers
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky

Cary Audio CAD-805 Anniversary Edition Class A Triode amplifiers
as reviewed by Sasha Matson

Virtual Dynamics Testament Series of cables
as reviewed by John Beavers

Golden Sound The Intelligent Chip, the Magic Ring, and the Ultra Tweeter - Three new gizmos from Golden Sound
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Enacom AC and interconnect filters
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Marten Design Duke loudspeakers
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

Plinius 9100 integrated
as reviewed by Jim Grudzien and John Brazier

Aerial Acoustics Model 6 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Jeff Parks

Spread Spectrum Technologies Son of Ampzilla 2000
as reviewed by Fown-Ming Tien and Robert H. Levi



Two from Telarc - The Music of Ivan Lins and Erich Kunzel with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
by Karl Lozier

Bringing it to you live! Two from LSO - Berlioz, Harold in Italy and Brahms, Symphony No. 4, Bernard Haitink
by Karl Lozier

Early Spring Blossoms: Music by Mozart, Schubert, Tippett, Finzi, and Britten
by Bob Neill

Audiophile Vinyl Reviews from Audiophile Audition, May 2005

Feel the Rhythm, Daria
by Victor Chavira

A Trio of Very Diverse Recordings from Chesky
by Karl Lozier

Hi-res SACD excerpts from our friends at Audiophile Audition, June 2005

A Pair of Jazz Releases from Telarc & Heads Up
by Karl Lozier

Classic Records Reissues: Beth Orton - Central Reservations & The Alan Parson's Project - The Turn Of A Friendly Card
by Greg Weaver



A short interview with Richard Smith of Audience
by Terry Rossen



New York, the HE2005 - What the future holds
by John Acton

Home Entertainment East 2005
by Marshall Nack

The Weird and the Wonderful at HE2005 in NY
by Robert H. Levi

The N.Y. '05 Home Entertainment Show
by Max Dudious

The Home Entertainment 2005 East Show - Show Stoppers
by Myles B. Astor

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