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Positive Feedback ISSUE 26
july/august 2006



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



The Lowthers as Midranges: Audio Heresy
by Max Dudious

Breaking the Code: The Von Schweikert VR-9 SE Loudspeakers
by Mike Lavigne

Ok, enough of this PCM/DSD Crap - Dr. Sardonicus

In Search of a Perfect Song
by Carol Clark

The Wild Wacky World of Walker
by Bruce Walker and David W. Robinson

CD vs. LP - a Face-off: a Musical Fidelity A308CR vs. the Meridian 588-24 vs. an Accuphase DP-57 vs. a Technics SL-1210 MK2/Dynavector 10X5 analog rig
by Ed Morawski

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries - Lotions Eleven, or The Fluid Dynamics of CD
by Clark Johnsen

A Simple Serving of Digital Media…
by Kevin Kennedy

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries - Should a Columnist Express Second Thoughts?
by Clark Johnsen

Impressions: Good Stuff! JENA Labs, Furutech, EMM Labs, and Nucore
by David W. Robinson

21st Century Vinyl - Michael Fremer's Practical Guide to Turntable Set-Up
by Greg Weaver

The Search for the Right Preamp, Part 3: Kondo KSL M7, Vacuum State RTP-3D and AcousticPlan Sarod - What Price Glory?
by Brad Morrical

My Audio Experience: The Sound Quest SQ-84 Amplifier
by Gary Beard 

Yamamura Churchill - A System Approach
by Graham Abbott

After Audio Burnout
by Tom Davis

The AudioNemesis DC-1 DAC
by Tom Davis




Golden Sound the Red and the Blue - the Reincarnation of the Intelligent Chip
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

NuForce Reference 9.02 amplifiers
as reviewed by Jim Grudzien

Acrolink 7N-DA6100 Mexcel interconnects
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Accuphase DP-57 CD player
as reviewed by Ed Morawski

NuForce Reference 9 SE amplifiers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Stillpoint Component Stands
as reviewed by Francisco Duran



Sound Fusion Nova SF-80 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Victor Chavira

Benchmark DAC1
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Marantz DV6600-U1B Universal SACD/CD/DVD Player
as reviewed by Max Dudious

DeVore Fidelity Gibbon Super 8 loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Brazier

Escalante Design Fremont loudspeakers
as reviewed by Greg Weaver

Direct Acoustics Silent Speaker
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz

Bel Canto e.One M300 amplifiers
as reviewed by Ed Morawski and Lester J. Mertz

Original The A8S, A8T, 2008, and Leonardo 9.3 CD players
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Tetra Loudspeakers 506
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Blue Circle FtTH integrated amplifier
as reviewed by John Acton

VAC Auricle Musicbloc amplifiers
as reviewed by Jim Olson

Original The A8T and 2008 CD players
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Shure E500pth In-Earphones - Good to Go!
as reviewed by Max Dudious

Metronome T2i Signature CD player
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi




Allen Perkins, Immedia/Spiral Groove
by Austin Jackson of Boston Audio Design




The Return of Reference Recordings!
by Karl Lozier

Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child Box Set
by Tom Gibbs

Joseph Wölfl - The Symphonies, Caro Mitis
by Mark Wagner

Pizzarelli's Homâge to Sinatra
by Max Dudious

Brahms: Symphony No. 4 in E minor - 200g Super Vinyl LP reissue
by Greg Weaver

Berlioz's Requiem on SACD
by Mark Wagner

Frederick Fennell - Cleveland Symphonic Winds on Telarc SACD
by Mark Wagner

Neil Young - Living With War
by Ed Kobesky

A plethora of jazz/blues recordings from Telarc/HeadsUp
by Karl Lozier

Tom Petty, Highway Companion
by Ed Kobesky

Xiomara, Xiomara Laugart
by Victor Chavira

Wagner - Die Walküre, Melba SACD
by Mark Wagner

The Bolshoi Experience - Highlights from Russian Operas CD, PentaTone SACD
by Mark Wagner

The Magnificent Seven
by Roger S. Gordon




The First National Head-Fi Meet
reportage by Max Dudious

The 49th Monterey Jazz Festival - Blowin' the Blues Away
preview by Jim Merod

Telluride Bluegrass - The Best Bluegrass Festival on the Planet
by John Zurek


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