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Positive Feedback ISSUE 32
july/august 2007



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Once Again to Cathay: The Good Doctor Remains Seduced …and an update on the perils of Chinese Audio

The Future Is LAME: The Truth About MP3 ...LAME = Lame ain't an Mp3 Encoder
by Danny Kaey

Room Treatments, Part 2
by Roger Gordon

The Good Doctor Says Goodbye… Another review cycle comes to a close: the Sound Quest KT-88 integrated amplifier and its full function brother, the SQ-12 CD player

Analog Tube Audio - Replacement Spindle Bearing for Garrard 301 and 401 Turntables, The Kokomo Kit
by Roger Gordon

Dr. Sardonicus Listens… 22 noteworthy tunes from the Good Doctor  …That's right 22…

Darwin Meets the Audiophile: Survival of the Fittest
by Robert H. Levi

In Memoriam: Joel David Thorner, Owner of The Turntable Factory
by Ed Kobesky

Dr. Sardonicus Continues His Search for Nirvana in SACD land - The Marantz SA-7S1 …A Preview

Audio Ramblings - Part 1: AC Gremlins and PS Audio's UPC-200HB
by Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings - Part 2: More AC Gremlins and hum
by Dave Clark

Doctor Sardonicus Addresses Life without Tone Controls … A Rumble of Sub-woofers is like a Murder of Crows…

Stealth's Indra, Nanofiber, and Metacarbon interconnect cables - Scoping It All Out
by Jim Merod

Accessories, Part I - CORE Designs LP storage and BPT Cable Stilts
by Marshall Nack

Audio Ramblings - the EMM CDSA SE player with Jena Labs' the One and 916 AC cord, plus a few words on SACD playback
by Dave Clark




CEC 3300R CD player
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Pass Labs X1 preamplifier
as reviewed by John Brazier

Orb Audio Classic One loudspeakers
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky



Navison Audio SE-MKII preamplifier and NVS 572 amplifiers
as reviewed by Carl Hruza

Arcam FMJ CD-36T CD player
as reviewed by Jeff Parks

NuForce Reference 9V2 (Version 2) amplifier upgrade
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi and John Brazier

Cary Audio SLP-03 tube preamplifier
as reviewed by Mike Peshkin

Supra EFF-I interconnects
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Ultra Systems HiFi Tuning Fuses
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

TacT Audio 2.2 mini
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

EquaRack Multi-Mount Footers
as reviewed by John Zurek

AudioQuest Sky interconnects
as reviewed by George Papadimitriou

Red Dragon Audio Leviathan amplifiers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi and a few words by Dave Clark

Navison Audio More on the SE-MK2 preamplifier
as reviewed by Jim Olson

The Funk Firm Funk turntable and a few words on the Denon DL-103 cartridge
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz

Lector Audio CDP-06t tubed CD player
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

Pear Cable Anjou speaker cables
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Marantz SA-7S1 SACD/CD player
as reviewed by Mark Lawton

conrad-johnson CA200 Control Amplifier
as reviewed by John Acton




An Interview Vinh Vu of Norvinz - a different way of doing business
by Carol Clark



Notes of an Amateur - July, 2007, Part 1
by Bob Neill

Tardo's Tempo
by Jim Merod

Wilco, Sky Blue Sky
by Sam Roberts

Naxos Releases a Quartet of Diverse Recordings in Their Unique American Classics Series
by Karl Lozier

Two from Cisco Music
by Danny Kaey

Three from Cisco Music
by Roger Gordon

Aqualung, Jethro Tull
by Roger Gordon

Vaughan Williams, Symphony No.5
by Karl Lozier

Pilgrimage SACD
by Karl Lozier

Notes of an Amateur - July, 2007, Part 2
by Bob Neill

Street Scene, Larry Vuckovich Trio
by Jim Merod

Glenn Gould, Bach: The Goldberg Variations
by Robert H. Levi

Notes of an Amateur - August, 2007, Part 1
by Bob Neill

Two from Eastwind Import
by Jim Merod

Five discs from Nippon… Verve 60th Anniversary Supreme Edition
by Danny Kaey

Naxos Film Classics
by Karl Lozier

Naxos American Classics
by Karl Lozier

A Ballet Feast
by Karl Lozier



Monterey Jazz @ 50
by Jim Merod






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