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Positive Feedback ISSUE 45
september/october 2009



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Sonic Satori - Getting Closer to the Music: the Reference3A Dulcets Inject Wonderment Back into the Listening Experience
by Michael Mercer

Hey, mom: I told you I wasn't wasting my time with stereo gear
by Mike Rodman

Belly Up to the Sidebar: Usher in the speakers
by Mike Rodman

Audio Ramblings - the Marigo VXi Feet and Furutech's Monza LP Stabilizer
by Dave Clark

Audio Ramblings Part Redux - Who should be feeding the Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 3: Hynes or Hoff?
by Dave Clark

Impressions: The Continuum Criterion turntable, Copperhead tonearm, Air Tight PC-1 MC cartridge, and LAMM LP2 phono amp, a photo essay
by David W. Robinson
With sidebar commentaries by Chris Sommovigo of The Signals Collection and Mark Doehmann of Continuum

The Higher End, About the "expectation of privacy" and those emails to Positive Feedback Online… Ye Olde Editor

Sonic Satori - What is the Future of the High End?
by Michael Mercer

Getting Top Performance From Your Digital Media: Shine Ola Optical Disc Cleaner, the Acoustic Revive RIO-5II Negative Ion Generator, and the Acoustic Revive RD-3 Disc Demagnetizer
by Jeff Day

Paul Speltz Anti-Cables and Anti-Interconnects - A Short Take
by John Zurek



YG Acoustics Anat Reference II Studio loudspeakers
as reviewed by Adam Goldfine

Mhdt Labs Havana USB DAC
as reviewed by Jeff Day

Accustic Arts Preamp 1 - Mk3
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Groovetracer Reference Subplatter and 110 gram Counterweight (for Rega turntables)
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky

Audia Flight FL 3 integrated
as reviewed by Victor Chavira

GamuT D3i integrated
as reviewed by Larry Cox

Furutech Evolution II Connectivity Products
as reviewed by Guido D. Corona

Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi



Elekit TU-879S integrated amplifier
as reviewed by John Hoffman

XLO Signature-3 cables
as reviewed by Mike Wechsberg

Teresonic Clarison loudspeaker cables
as reviewed by Kent Johnson

Almarro A340 amplifiers
as reviewed by Francisco Duran with a brief sidebar by Dave Clark

Furutech deMag LP, Disc, and Cable Demagnetizer
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Sennheiser HD238 headphones
as reviewed by Will Wright

Audiav Zirconia Rack System
as reviewed by John Brazier

NAT Audio the Symmetrical Balanced Preamplifier
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Marsh Sound Design P2000t preamplifier
as reviewed by Jeff Parks



Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 - A Pictorial Report, Part 1
by Dave and Carol Clark

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 - A Pictorial Report, Part 2
by Dave and Carol Clark

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 - A Pictorial Report, Part 3
by Dave and Carol Clark

Attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
by Mike Wechsberg

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009
by Kent Johnson

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009: Part I - Photo Essay, and an Audio Oasis! Award or Two…
by David W. Robinson



Blitzen Trapper, Black River Killer
by Michael Mercer

The Future Is Here - Audio Still Rules (Blue-ray recordings may be video, audio, or commonly video plus audio)
by Karl Lozier

Wonderful Classical Releases from Naxos, Chandos, LSO, and more
by Karl Lozier

New SACDs from Mariinsky, PentaTone and BSO Classics
by Teresa Goodwin

Notes of an Amateur, September, 2009
by Bob Neill

Grand Archives, Keep in Mind Frankenstein
by Michael Mercer

Top 11 Albums - My Music, My Way!
by Peter Clark

Notes of an Amateur, October, 2009 Part 1
by Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur, October, 2009 Part 2
by Bob Neill

Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff
by Tom Gibbs

New SACDs from Spain's Non Profit Music
by Teresa Goodwin


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