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Positive Feedback ISSUE 62
july/august 2012





Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!



An Amazing Treatment - the Stein Music Maestro Lacquer
by Robert H. Levi

Why I'm a Subjectivist
by Teresa Goodwin

The Neoteric Listener and the Sophia Electric Magic 126S-03
by Dean Seislove

Musings on Building a Digital Music Server: The New Standard
by Andy Schaub


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The Neoteric Listener and the Davone Mojo Loudspeakers
by Dean Seislove

Audio Ramblings - The Stein Music Harmonizers, Stones, and Diamonds
by Dave Clark

Musing on Building a Digital Music Server: The Spiral Groove Strange Attractors
by Andy Schaub

Audiophile Interconnect Rankings 2012: 18 Brands Auditioned
by Robert H. Levi

A Quartet of Analog Accessories
by Myles B. Astor

More News on Strange Attractors
by Andy Schaub



Positive Feedback Announces a Special Contest – For Our Readers Who Want to be Writers!
by David W. Robinson

The following submissions are for the Readers Who Want to be Writers' Contest. The authors are not Staff members of Positive Feedback.

An Intro to Chuck Lee ONE
by Chuck Lee

NAD C315BEE Integrated Amplifier TWO
by Paul Basinski

Audeze LCD-3 Headphones THREE
by Al Chieng

Observations from Listenerland - the Jadis JP200 and JA200 FOUR
by Darryl G. Lindberg

Violectric V200 the Smooth Operator FIVE
by Frank Lacone

From Dad to Son: Sharing a Gift SIX 'THE WINNER'
by Neill Grimes

Nottingham Analog Space Deck SEVEN
by Agustin A. Isip

Where It's At EIGHT
by T. M. Stanley

A SUT that Fits - Bob's Devices CineMag 1131 Blue MC Phono Step-Up Transformer NINE
by Alón Sagee

The Volent Chorale CL-2 Loudspeaker TEN
by Mike Sands

Stravinsky's The Song of the Nightingale ELEVEN

Technics SL-1600 Gives "Ear Opening" Experience TWELVE
by John Carlson

An Audiophile Tale THIRTEEN
by Rob Bertrando

Tetra 222 Loudspeakers FOURTEEN
by Sean Lawson

Why I Quit Trying to Become an Audiophile and Became a Music Lover Instead FIFTEEN

And the Winner is Neil Grimes!


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ps audio



E.A.R. Acute III CD Player
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

TBI Sound Millenia MG3 Integrated Amplifier
as reviewed by John Hoffman

Polk Audio LSIM707 Reference Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Pete Davey

Dayens Ecstasy IVse Amplifier
as reviewed by Kent Johnson

Townshend Audio Rock 7 Turntable
as reviewed by Mike Wechsberg




Audio Note CD 3.1x/II CD Player - All You Need is Love
by Andy Schaub

Daedalus Athena Loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Zurek

Densen B-310 Amplifier
as reviewed by Andre Marc

Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Gary Lea

Schiit Audio Lyr Headphone Amplifier
as reviewed by John Acton

BSG Technology QOL Signal Completion Stage - A Subtle, Brilliant, Audio Provocateur
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Accuphase DP-600 SACD Player
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

JRiver Media Center 17
as reviewed by Tom Gibbs

Bel Canto C7R Receiver - Part 2
as reviewed by Victor Chavira





Dan Schmalle - On his life in audio, Bottlehead, The Tape Project, and a buncha other stuff!
by David Robinson



Sonic Satori - An Interview with Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig or Eleven Questions with Bob CARRIED OVER
conducted by Michael Mercer



T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 CARRIED OVER
by Dave and Carol Clark

THE Show Newport Beach, 2012: My Audio Oasis! Awards CARRIED OVER
by David W. Robinson

Capital Audiofest 2012
by Scott Dorsey

55th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival
by Jim Merod




Dvorak's Slavonic Dances on SACD
by Teresa Goodwin

Reviews of Releases by: Linn, Naxos, PentaTone, LSO Live, OEHMS, ARC Music and Yarlung
by Karl Lozier

Notes of an Amateur: Music of Our Time from Wergo. Johm Ramsay's String Quartets.
by Bob Neill

British Light Overtures 1
by Stephen Francis Vasta

Duke Ellington/Johnny Hodges, Back to Back
by Oliver Amnuayphol

Ben Webster Meets "Sweets" Edison
by Pete Davey

Born Today: July's Children
by Timothy Roth

Notes of an Amateur: Saint-Saëns and Birtwhistle
by Bob Neill

Dum Dum Girls, End of Daze
by Michael Mercer

Summertime Tunes, Albums for Evenings on the Porch
by Michael Mercer

The Future Is Here - Audio Still Rules
by Karl Lozier

Born Today: Augusts' Children
by Timothy Roth

Notes of an Amateur: Gardiner does Bach's Motets. Christopher Gibbons. Lekeu.
by Bob Neill




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