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Positive Feedback ISSUE 43
may/june 2009



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



Sonic Satori - Chasing Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Our Digital Music Libraries
by Michael Mercer

Jitter in Digital Audio Data Streams
by Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio

Quickies - the Helios tonearm, a Grado cartridge... and more!
by Robert H. Levi

Virtue Audio - the Virtue ONE integrated
by Nelson and Sasha Kanno

Glow Audio - a Complete System for the Music Lover
by Sandy Taylor (guest contributor)

It's A Vinyl World, After All - Educational/Instructional DVD, by Michael Fremer
by Greg Weaver

Audio Ramblings - Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 3, the von Gaylord Chinchilla AES/EBU XLR digital cable, Wireworld Supernova™ 5+ Toslink and Ultraviolet™ USB cables, Locus Design Nucleus USB cable, and the Audioengine W2 and W1 transmitters
by Dave Clark

The Neoteric Listener... the Thiel SCS4 loudspeakers
by Dean Seislove

The Greening of SACDs, (gulp) CDs and other digital madness
by Teresa Goodwin

The Teaching Company: The Great Courses - Understanding the Fundamentals of Music
by Jeff Day

Living with the Audioengine W1 - a quick take on being 'free-range'
by Sasha Kanno



Jaton A&V-803 loudspeakers
as reviewed by John Zurek

Vovox Cables Textura interconnect and speaker cables
as reviewed by Mike Peshkin

Sutherland Engineering Time Line strobe and clamp
as reviewed by Peter Davey

Teresonic Clarison Silver interconnects
as reviewed by Kent Johnson

Bel Canto REF1000 MkII amplifiers
as reviewed by Guido D. Corona



Luxman L-550A MkII integrated
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company RS-30EQ Phono Preamplifier as reviewed by Jeff Day

Acoustic System International Resonators
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Thorens TD700 record player
as reviewed by Ed Kobesky

Consensus Audio Conspiracy loudspeakers
as reviewed by Art Shapiro

Arcam FMJ CD37 CD/SACD player
as reviewed by Jeff Parks

Audio Magic Pulse Generator ZX for speaker cables
as reviewed by John Hoffman

Marten Bird loudspeakers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Virtue Audio One integrated
as reviewed by Adam Goldfine

Tonian Labs TL-AS 6.5 loudspeakers
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Bolder Cable Company Nitro Plus AC cable, Nitro speaker cable, and Summit interconnects
as reviewed by John Zurek

Ayre CX-7eMP CD player
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Rives Audio PARC
as reviewed by Ryan Colemen

Kubala-Sosna Elation cables
as reviewed by Jim Merod




Notes of an Amateur - May 2009, Part 1
by Bob Neill

Amadou & Mariam, Welcome to Mali
by Michael Mercer

A bevy of wonderful classical releases... oh, and one jazz release too!
by Karl Lozier

The Morning After Girls, "the general public" - from the upcoming Alone album
by Michael Mercer

Two from sir Duke: Duke Ellington, Piano in the Background, and Piano in the Foreground
by Oliver Amnuayphol 

BSO's Digital Music subscription program, the bargain of the century!
by Teresa Goodwin

More Great Music
by Karl Lozier

Notes of an Amateur - May 2009, Part 2
by Bob Neill

The Morning After Girls, Alone. Self-Released
by Michael Mercer

Two from Melba
by Robert H. Levi

Notes of an Amateur - May 2009, Part 3
by Bob Neill

Tom Lyle's Vinyl Column

Notes of an Amateur - June 2009, Part 1
by Bob Neill



Top 10 Most Impressive Demonstrations at CES/T.H.E. Show
by Adam Goldfine

Audio Karma's AKFest 2009
by Kent Johnson

AudioKarmaFest '09 - A Music Lover's Feast in the Mid-west
by Greg Weaver

CanJam 2009 - Los Angeles
by Dave Clark