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Positive Feedback ISSUE 25



Our readers respond… we respond right back!



A New way to think about Acoustics
by Richard Rives Bird and Christopher Huston of Rives Audio

Harmonic Technologies' Battery Pack III for the Cyberlight interconnects
by Robert H. Levi

and Steve says… SACD is a failure!
by Steve Lefkowicz

Thinking about Lowthers: A Meditation by Max Dudious

A Response to Steve Lefkowicz
by Lynn Olson

The Wild, Wacky World of Walker: 'Toons With an Edge!
by Bruce Walker and David W. Robinson

First Impressions: From an Editor's Notes, Part 1 - The New Signature Line from EMM Labs
by David W. Robinson

Déjà vu All Over Again: PFO's Lynn Olson Jousts with PFO Reader John Phelan On DSD, SACD, PCM, & All That…
by Lynn Olson & John Phelan

Dr Sardonicus Returns to the Scene of the Crime …Balanced Audio Technology - The BAT VK-P10SE phono stage preamplifier, BAT VK-51SE line stage preamplifier, and the BAT VK-600SE solid state power amplifier

Something Old, Something New: The Monarchy M24 DAC & Linestage
by Lynn Olson, sometime PFO reviewer

The Search for Music (Continues) - Garrard 401 Turntable
by Roger S. Gordon

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries - Try, Try Triode Records
by Clark Johnsen

Impressions: A Photo Essay, from an Editor's Notebook, Part 2 - The Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable with the Dynavector DV 507MKII Tonearm and Dynavector DRT XV-1s MC Cartridge on the Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation System
by David W. Robinson

Audio Ramblings - The EquaRack Footers and Bybee's new Golden Goddess Slipstream Tails
by Dave Clark and Robert H. Levi



Luminance Audio KST-150 amplifier
as reviewed by Ed Morawski and a bit or two from Dave Clark

Vintage Tube Services Original Mini Tube Dampers
as reviewed by John Mazur

Ecosse Cables Symphony interconnects, Big Red AC cords, and the SMS2.4 speaker cables
as reviewed by John Acton

Rogue Audio Tempest II integrated
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz

JM Reynaud Cantabile Signature and Twin Signature loudspeakers
as reviewed by Tom Campbell

Musical Fidelity A308CR CD player - from the past!
as reviewed by Ed Morawski

Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 power cord
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Dynamic Design Lotus White interconnect, speaker, and AC cords, along with a brief bit on the Nebula THB digital cable
as reviewed by Mark Katz

Kharma Matrix MP150 amplifiers
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Manley Laboratories Mahi amplifiers
as reviewed by Lester J. Mertz

Nordost Frey interconnect and speaker cables
as reviewed by Victor Chavira



Cary Audio SLP-05 preamplifier
as reviewed by Dave Clark

Shure E4c Earbuds - Sometimes Less is More
as reviewed by Max Dudious

Harmonic Technology Magic Phono cable
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Meridian 588-24 CD player
as reviewed by Ed Morawski

JAS Audio Orior loudspeakers
as reviewed by Graham Abbott

PranaWire Cosmos, Nataraja, and Samadhi - an Experience
as reviewed by Greg Weaver

PMC FB1+ loudspeakers
as reviewed by Sasha Matson

mbl 5011 preamplifier
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Von Schweikert Audio VR-2 loudspeakers - a Musical Bargain
as reviewed by George Pappas

Acrolink 7N-A2500 Mexcel interconnects
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Wolcott Audio P280-S amplifier
as reviewed by Karl Lozier



George Cardas
by Austin Jackson of Boston Audio Design



Bruckner, Symphony No. 5 Munich Philharmonic/Christian Thielemann
by Stephen Francis Vasta

Two from Heads Up
by Karl Lozier

Bach is Back on Latest RCA/BMG SACD Reissue and New on DG, Too!
by Robert H. Levi

Marta Gómez: Entre Cada Palabra
by Max Dudious

The Carl Verheyen Band, Rumor Mill
by Clay Swartz

Notes of an Amateur
by Bob Neill, June, 2006. Part I

Hippy-Trippy Donovan on Sundazed vinyl
by Tom Gibbs

Notes of an Amateur
by Bob Neill, June, 2006. Part 2

Stockfisch-Records' LPs
by Roger S. Gordon

Two SACDs from Telarc - Mahler and Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
by Karl Lozier

More reissues from Everest - Shostakovitch and de Falla
by Roger S. Gordon



2006 Audio Karma AKFest
by John Acton

HE 2006 - Part 1
by Dave and Carol Clark

The Show of Shows: Home Entertainment Show 2006, in Los Angeles
by Robert H. Levi

HE 2006 - Part 2
by Dave and Carol Clark

VTV - 2006, Los Angeles
by Dave and Carol Clark, images by Peter Clark

Home Entertainment Show - 2006, Los Angeles
by Steve Lefkowicz

Home Entertainment Show - 2006, Los Angeles
by Danny Kaey

Home Entertainment Show - 2006, Los Angeles
by Larry Cox


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