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Positive Feedback ISSUE 64
november/december 2012





The 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2012 - The Best of the Best!

Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2012, Part 1
by David W. Robinson

Brutus Awards for 2012
by Dave Clark

Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2012, Part 2
by David W. Robinson



Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!



Tannoy's New Flagship Loudspeaker: The Kingdom Royal Project
by Jeff Day

Back to the Computer Audio Drawing Board... Again!
by Tom Gibbs

Audio Ramblings - The T8 MkII Loudspeakers from Chapman Audio
by Dave Clark

The Theta Compli Blu: An Unsung Hero in the Fight for Universal Disc  Players
by Andy Schaub


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Why SACDs Didn't Supersede CDs... and the Move to DSD Downloads
by Teresa Goodwin

The Audio Circular 2 - A Human Audio Experience!
by Gary L. Beard

Radio Free Chip  - The Upgrade Company  Signature Mod of the Oppo BDP-95 Universal Blu-Ray Player
by Chip Stern

Impressions: In Praise of Synergy - YG Acoustics, Tenor Audio, and Kubala-Sosna
by David W. Robinson

Sidebar - YG Acoustics Design Philosophy and Technology
by Dick Diamond

Sidebar - Tenor Inc. Design Philosophy
by Jim Fairhead

Sophia Electric 300B Vacuum Tube Tasting: Royal Princess™ 300B, Princess™ Carbon Plate 300B, Princess™ Mesh Plate 300B, and Globe Mesh Plate 300B
by Jeff Day

The Audio Note OTO Phono SE Signature: More Magic in a Box
by Andy Schaub

Cake mix?
by Roger Skoff



A New Collaboration Between PF and of Germany by Danny Kaey

Meet Dirk Sommer of of Germany

Music - A Free Download
by Dirk Sommer

Review of the Lawrence Audio Mandolin speaker (read it in German)

Review of the LaRosita Beta Connect DAC/Preamp (read it in German)

Review of the Hifiction Thales Simplicity tonearm (read it in German)




Positive Feedback Announces a Special Contest – For Our Readers Who Want to be Writers!
by David W. Robinson


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ps audio



Mojo Audio Enigma and XPC-7 Power Cords
as reviewed by Andre Marc

ModWright Instruments KWI200 Integrated Amplifier
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz

Mojo Audio Lucent Copper Ribbon Interconnects
as reviewed by Teresa Goodwin

Dynamic Design Anniversary Edition Nebula Cables
as reviewed by Marshall Nack




Dayens Ampino Amplifiers
as reviewed by John Hoffman

Einstein The Flash and Thunder cables
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

JE Audio VL10.1 Vacuum Tube Stereo Balanced Linestage
as reviewed by Will Wright

Unison Research Simply Italy Integrated Amplifier
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Genesis G7.2f Loudspeakers - Gary Koh's Take-No-Prisoners
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Einstein The Preamp
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

Angel City Audio The Trinity Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Victor Chavira

Audio Power Lab 50TNT Tube Amplifiers - Shedding, Burning, Grooving, and Killing with Ferocious Precision
as reviewed by Jim Merod


cary audio




Dan Schmalle - On his life in audio, Bottlehead, The Tape Project, and a buncha other stuff!
by David Robinson



David J. Schulte Interview
by Chip Stern



Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012
by Kent Johnson

Audioholics Get Together - Tampa Bay, Florida, October 2012
by A. Colin Flood

Impressions: Robinson's RMAF 2012 Audio Oasis! Awards
by David W. Robinson

AES 2013 Show Report
by Scott Dorsey

Dorsey's AES 2012 Show Awards
by Scott Dorsey




Born Today: October's Children
by Timothy Roth

Notes of an Amateur: Dutilleux, Ibragimova's Mendelssohn, and Adès.
by Bob Neill

Reviews of Releases by Reference Recordings, KGS , LSO Live, PentaTone and Naxos
by Karl Lozier

Eskmo, Language EP - Speaks Volumes
by Michael Mercer

The Pucketts, Blood Oath EP
by Tom Gibbs

Bach - St. John Passion
by Stephen Francis Vasta

Notes of an Amateur: Schumann, Devienne, Prokofiev, and Stile Antico.
by Bob Neill

Born Today: November's Children
by Timothy Roth

Born Today: December's Children
by Timothy Roth

Notes of an Amateur: Jennifer Koh, Artistled's Dvorak, Prokofiev & Britten Cello Symphonies, Talich Quartet's Complete Beethoven.
by Bob Neill

The Future Is Here-Audio Still Rules
by Karl Lozier

Thomas Dolby, A Map of the Floating City
by John Acton




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