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Positive Feedback ISSUE 63
september/october 2012





Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!




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WAV vs. AIFF vs. ALAC and Other Computer Shenanigans
by Teresa Goodwin

Coming Soon... Part 2 of  "Mark Porzilli's Memory Player Grows UP"

Audio and Music Changes Over Many Decades
by Teresa Goodwin

Audio Ramblings - The Liberty Loudspeakers from PBN
by Dave Clark

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries - The Decline of true Acoustic Reference in Audio Magazines, Illustrated

The Musical Fidelity V-LPS II Phono Stage: A Tale of Mystery and Wonder
by Andy Schaub

What is the Future of the High End Part IV - iFi: the New Gateway Audible Drug & Personal Audio Explosion
by Michael Mercer

Musings on Building a Digital Music Server: The Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2 Upgrade and Mountain Lion
by Andy Schaub

Impressions: The Alpha Design Labs Esprit Stereo 192/24 DAC/Digital Preamp
by David W. Robinson

A Belated Introduction from the Mile-High Writer (in Colorado)
by Lynn Olson

Supercharge Your Electrical System - Furutech GTX-D AC Receptacles and HiFi-Tuning WA-Quantum Fuse Chips
by Myles B. Astor

Impressions of the 2012 RMAF
by Lynn Olson

Addendum to My Impressions of RMAF 2012
by Lynn Olson

From an Editor's Notebook: An Update on PFO's DSD DAC and DSD Download List
by Dr. David W. Robinson




Positive Feedback Announces a Special Contest – For Our Readers Who Want to be Writers!
by David W. Robinson

Meet the winner for Contest 1!

From Dad to Son: Sharing a Gift
by Neill Grimes


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Polk Audio LSiM703 Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Element Signature Millennium Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Andre Marc

Unison Research Simply Phono V2 - Tubes Rule
as reviewed by Michael Mercer

Accuphase Clean Power Supply PS-520
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Cary Audio HH-1 Headphone Amplifier
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi




Zesto Audio Leto Preamplifier
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Tempo Electric Arum Ag Big Twist Interconnects
as reviewed by Jeff Day

WireWorld Oasis 6 Interconnect and Loudspeaker, and the Starlight 6 Digital Cables
as reviewed by John Hoffman

Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5se Power Line Conditioner - Sucking Up Those AC Line Nasties!
as reviewed by Myles B. Astor

Sablon Audio Panatela Special Edition Component Speaker Cables
as reviewed by Jeff Day

Dr. Feickert Firebird Turntable - A Modern Classic
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

WyWires Gold Series Interconnects
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Skogrand SC Air Speaker Cables - the Spatial and Detail Resolving Champions
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Dayens Tizo Plus Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Steve Kozle

Smyth Research Realiser A8
as reviewed by John Acton

darTZeel CTH-8550 Integrated Amplifier
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

Hegel HD11 DAC
as reviewed by Will Wright

ModWright Instruments KWI200 Integrated Amplifier
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz


cary audio




Dan Schmalle - On his life in audio, Bottlehead, The Tape Project, and a buncha other stuff! CARRIED OVER
by David Robinson



Sonic Satori - An Interview with Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig or Eleven Questions with Bob CARRIED OVER
conducted by Michael Mercer



Capital Audiofest 2012 CARRIED OVER
by Scott Dorsey

55th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival CARRIED OVER
by Jim Merod

Diary of a Mad Exhibitor: The Third Annual California Audio Show
by Marc Phillips

RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 1
by Dave and Carol Clark

RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 2
by Dave and Carol Clark

RMAF 2012 - A Photographic Journey, Part 3
by Dave and Carol Clark

RMAF/CanJam 2012 - Ding Dong the Past is Dead... Pushin' it Forward
by Michael Mercer




Dum Dum Girls, End of Daze
by Michael Mercer

Opus 3 Records One Reel-to-Reel Sampler Tape - In Pursuit of Musical and Sonic Nirvana
by Myles B. Astor

Notes of an Amateur: Telemann, Vivaldi, and Del Tredicki.
by Bob Neill

Born Today: September's Children
by Timothy Roth

by Stephen Francis Vasta

Marinsky, LSO Live, PentaTone, LPO, Naxos, Tudor, Klavier and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
by Karl Lozier

Sonic Satori - Four Tet, Pink
by Michael Mercer

Notes of an Amateur: Pécou, Coates, and Bach.
by Bob Neill

Above and Beyond, Group Therapy
by Jimmie Bustillos

The Future Is Here - Audio Still Rules
by Karl Lozier

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Part Two
by Dr. Sardonicas

Jaco Pastorius
by Pete Davey

Born Today: October's Children NEW
by Timothy Roth




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