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Positive Feedback ISSUE 59
january/february 2012




The 8th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2011 - The Best of the Best!

Brutus Awards for 2011
by Dave Clark

Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2011, Part 1
by David W. Robinson

Impressions: My Brutus Awards for 2011, Part 2
by David W. Robinson

Robinson's 2011 PFO Brutus Awards, Part 2: Addendum
by David W. Robinson



Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!



"From Performance Capture to Digital Delivery... It's What I Do," or "The Hardest Article I've Ever Written! An Introduction to Me"
by Cookie Marenco

Get Better Sound Three DVD Reference Set
by Jeff Day

CES Sneak Peek - Bully Sound Company
by Myles B. Astor

Sonic Satori - Mine is No Better Than Yours Top Ten List for 2011
by Michael Mercer


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The Itty-Bitty 4th Generation iPod Shuffle and 24-bit Music Files
by Teresa Goodwin

Notes from the Field: Yet Another Comparison of Portable Listening Devices (Unillustrated)
by Andy Schaub

The Neoteric Listener and the Ayon Orion II
by Dean Seislove

DSD - the New Addiction
by Andreas Koch

Diary of a Mad Exhibitor: CES 2012
by Marc Phillips

Sonic Satori: CES 2012, A High End Odyssey
by Michael Mercer

The Aural Symphonics Ultra Cube XXV Power Cable, Digital Standard XXV S/PDIF Cable, and Digital Standard XXV USB Cable: The Perfect Marriage
by Andy Schaub

An Upgrade to an Upgrade - the Upgrade Company Rules Again!
by Francisco Duran

Announcement: Nicholas Bedworth is No Longer with Positive Feedback
by Dr. David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

The Neoteric Listener and the CEntrance Audiophile Desktop System
by Dean Seislove

An Epic Mini-System
by Pete Davey

Announcing the DSD Open Standard Movement
by Andreas Koch, Playback Designs, Andy McHarg, dCS, Rob Robinson, ChannelD


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Bel Canto A System Approach - The 3.5VB Dac/Preamplifier, Ref1000M Amplifiers, and Phono3 Phono Stage
as reviewed by Robert Learner

Weiss DAC202
as reviewed by Nicholas Bedworth

Lexicon MC-8 Preamplifier/Controller
as reviewed by Dan Dzuban

mbl 9008A Reference Amplifiers - The Dynamic Authority
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

JH Audio Pro 13 In-Ear Headphones
as reviewed by John Zurek




Grover Huffman a Complete Line of Cables
as reviewed by Tom Campbell

Jorma Designs S/PDIF Cable
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

SMc Audio the VRE-1C Preamplifier
as reviewed by Jim Merod

Electra-Fidelity Silver 45 SE Integrated Amplifier
as reviewed by John Hoffman

Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192
as reviewed by Andre Marc

JE Audio VL 19 Balanced Line Stage
as reviewed by Mike Wechsberg

DH Labs Silver Sonic USB Cable
as reviewed by Tom Gibbs

Sonus Veritas Venice Phono Preamp
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

Densen B-200 Preamplifier
as reviewed by Andre Marc

SteinMusic H2 Harmonizers
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

JansZen zA2.1 Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Peter Davey

Audience aR2p-TO AC Conditioner
as reviewed by John Acton

Quad Elite Preamplifier and QSP Stereo Amplifier
as reviewed by Kent Johnson

Vienna Acoustics The Music Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Guido D. Corona

DH Labs Silver Sonic Cables - Air Matrix Interconnects, Q-10 Signature Speaker Cables, Encore Power Cords, and D-75 and USB Digital Cables
as reviewed by Tom Lyle





Steve Hoffman on the New Release of the Nat King Cole SACD/45 RPM LP series CARRIED OVER
by David Robinson

David Chesky - On himself, Chesky Records, HDTracks, and the Future of the Music Biz as He Sees It CARRIED OVER
by David Robinson



Sonic Satori - An Interview with Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig or Eleven Questions with Bob CARRIED OVER
conducted by Michael Mercer



CES 2012 Show Report
by Andre Marc

CES 2012 Day 1 - Part 1
by Pete Davey

CES 2012 Day 1 - Part 2
by Pete Davey

CES 2012 Day 2 - Part 3
by Pete Davey

CES 2012 Day 2 - Part 4
by Pete Davey

CES 2012 Day 3 - Part 5
by Pete Davey

CES 2012 Day 3 - Part 6
by Pete Davey

CES 2012 - Part 1
by Steve Lefkowicz

T.H.E Show 2012 - Part 2
by Steve Lefkowicz

CES 2012
by Gary Lea

CES 2012 Show Report, Part 1
by Myles B. Astor

High Performance Audio at the 45th Annual CES and the 14th Annual T.H.E. Show
by Greg Weaver


the show banner



James Blake Pours Out More Thunder
by Michael Mercer

Notes of an Amateur: Chiaroscuro Quartet Play Mozart and Schubert; Rachel Podger and Jane Rogers Play Mozart and Michael Haydn; Talich Quartet's Mozart Remastered and Re-released; Avison Ensemble Play Handel's Opus 6.
by Bob Neill

Great Handel
by Stephen Francis Vasta

Red Hot Chili Peppers, I'm With You
by Jimmie Bustillos

Wonderful Vinyl Reissues
by Roger Gordon

Drive, the Soundtrack
by Paul Baterina

Notes of an Amateur: Clarinet Trios, LeClair's Violin Sonatas, and Chamber Music by John Harbison
by Bob Neill

Sonic Satori - 50/50's Soundtrack Strikes an Emotional Chord, and the Film is Damn Good as Well
by Michael Mercer

The Future Is Here - Audio Still Rules
by Karl Lozier

Memoryhouse, The Slideshow Effect
by Michael Mercer

Baker’s Dozen Favorite Classical Recordings of 2011
by Bob Neill

Trío Arbós, Play It Again SACD
by Teresa Goodwin

Notes of an Amateur: Britten, Ysaÿe, Ustvolskya, and Bach: St. John Passion/Gardiner and Sonatas & Partitas/ Ibragimova
by Bob Neill

Cherub, MoM & DaD
by Michael Mercer

Notes of an Amateur: Bruckner and Shostakovich
by Bob Neill




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