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Positive Feedback ISSUE 69
september/october 2013





Our Readers Respond… and We Respond Right Back!



Dave Glackin Memorial Scholarship Fund Now Established
David W. Robinson & Kathryn McEachern Glackin, with an assist to Ray Chowkwanyun

The Audio Circular: Number Six in a Series of Parallel Narratives - The Von Schweikert VR-22 Loudspeakers: The V (Should Stand) for Value!
by Gary Beard

The New Valve Order SPA One Phono Preamplifier
by Jeff Day

Radio Free Chip: The Conflicted Audiophile - Diminished Expectations in the Digital Music Epoch
by Chip Stern

From Clark Johnsen's Diaries: A Riddle, a Trip, and a Promise Broken

The Importance of Power and the Galileo MPC
by Andy Schaub

The Neoteric Listener and the Luxman PD-171 Turntable/ Brinkmann Pi Cartridge
by Dean Seislove


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The Top Ten Best High-end Audio Accessories Available - Though Not Necessarily the Most Expensive! (Revised to 2013)
by Robert H. Levi

My Blogosphere Thoughts on DSD
by David Elias

Musings on Building a Digital Music Server: When Low-Res is High-Res and the Audio Note DAC 4.1x Balanced Signature
by Andy Schaub

More Powerful Than a Pair of Sneakers: Finding the Right Carrot, Part 2
by Roger Skoff

Audio Ramblings - Acoustic Zen Crescendo Loudspeakers
by Dave Clark

Sonic Satori - What is the Future of the High-End Part VI: Can't We All Just Get Along?
by Michael Mercer

KT99 Tubes
by Scott Dorsey

A Follow-up on the HRT Music Streamer HD – Now in Balanced Mode, and on the Cheap!
by Tom Gibbs

DSD Bartender - Give Me a PCM Sandwich!
by David Elias, Musician in Residence, PF

New Beginnings - 20 Years in the Making...
by David Elias

A Follow-up to My Follow-up on the HRT Music Streamer HD
by Tom Gibbs

Acoustic Zen Crescendo Speakers: The Best on the Scene Regardless of Price?
by Jim Merod




Review of the Pluto Audio 12A Carbon Cobra turntable, the 6A Greece tonearm and the van den Hul Colibri Platinum cartridge (read it in English)

Review of the Lyra Atlas cartridge (read it in German)

Free Download of three songs played by the Lyra Atlas

Review of the Cessaro Chopin horn loudspeakers (read it in German)

Review of the AMR ifi iDAC + iUSBPower (read it in German)



The Whole Story (or sort of)...
by Wojciech Pacuła

KR Audio Electronics - Kronzilla VA680
as reviewed by Wojciech Pacuła

Krakow Sonic Society with Ken Ishiguro (ACOUSTIC REVIVE)
by Wojciech Pacuła

KRAKOW SONIC SOCIETY - Meeting No. 89. Where are You, Mr. CD?
by Wojciech Pacuła, images by Wojciech Pacuła, translation by Andrzej Dziadowiec

iFi Audio (Micro), iUSB POWER, iDAC, and iCAN
by Wojciech Pacuła, translation by Andrzej Dziadowiec

An Active Buffer/Preamplifier by iFi Audio - the iTUBE
by Wojciech Pacuła/, translation by Andrzej Dziadowiec

Burson Timekeeper Power Amplifier (or even two…)
by Wojciech Pacuła


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Nordost A "System" of Products
as reviewed by Danny Kaey

Precision Transducer Engineering Phoenix SG Active Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Michael Wechsberg

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Steve Lefkowicz

AVM Audio Evolution PA5.2 Preamplifier
as reviewed by Gary Lea

Lepai Modded Class T Amplifier - Again!
as reviewed by Francisco Duran




B.M.C. Audio CS2 Stereo Amplifier
as reviewed by Robert S. Youman

Bybee Golden Goddess Speaker Bullets (Latest Versions)
as reviewed by Michael Wechsberg

Marantz SR7008 AV Receiver and UD7007 Universal Blu-ray Player
as reviewed by Robert Youman

AVM Audio Ovation SA8 Amplifier
as reviewed by Gary Lea

Air Tight ATM-3 Amplifiers
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

AVM Audio Evolution CD5.2 CD Tube Player
as reviewed by Gary Lea

Totem Acoustic Mite Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Robert Youman

KLaudio KD-CLN-LP200 Record Cleaning Machine - Breaking the Sound Barrier
as reviewed by Myles B. Astor

Larsen Model 8 Loudspeakers
as reviewed by Larry Cox

DanaCable Sapphire Reference Speaker Cables - with an Interview of Cable-'Guru' Dana Robbins
as reviewed by John Zurek

Vitus SP-102 Phono Stage
as reviewed by Marshall Nack

WyWires Platinum Interconnects and Silver Phono Cables
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Wyred 4 Sound mAmps
as reviewed by Francisco Duran

Burson Audio Conductor DAC/Preamplifier and Timekeeper Amplifiers
as reviewed by Andre Marc

DanaCable Diamond Reference Interconnects
as reviewed by Robert H. Levi


cary audio



Robinson Interview with Chad Kassem: Acoustic Sound Super Hirez Download Site Going Live CARRIED OVER
by David Robinson



2013 Monterey Jazz Festival... A Party Like None Other, Music for the Ages
by Jim Merod

2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Wrap-up
by Michael Wechsberg

RMAF 2013
by Bruce Kinch


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Sonic Satori - Fuck Buttons, Slow Focus
by Michael Mercer

Two Historic KlipschTape Reissues in High Resolution Digital
by Teresa Goodwin

Notes of an Amateur: Haydn and Schubert.
by Bob Neill

Boards of Canada, Tomorrow's Harvest
by Michael Mercer

Gershwin: An American in Paris
by Stephen Francis Vasta

Johan Dielemans Trio's Round' Midnight DSD Download
by Teresa Goodwin

Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular, Part Tres: Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie
by Ray Chowkwanyun & Bob Duchan

Notes of an Amateur: Elgar & Tchaikovsky, Penderecki & Xenakis, Prokofiev.
by Bob Neill

Sono Luminus - Four New Blu-Ray/Redbook CDs
by Roger S. Gordon

Beth Orton, Sugaring Season
by John Acton

Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular, Part Four: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, Argerich, Dutoit, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
by Ray Chowkwanyun And Bob Duchan

Notes of an Amateur: Saariaho, Charpentier, Stile Antico.
by Bob Neill

Notes of an Amateur: Bartók!
by Bob Neill

Kanye West, Yeezus
by Nicholas G. Taylor

HDTT Does High Resolution PCM and DSD JAZZ Downloads
by Teresa Goodwin




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